About Menopause

Menopause and the aging process affect many women. They live a lifetime dealing with different hormonal changes at different stages of life, often beginning at a very young age. These hormonal changes may often be unseen or less bothersome, but become more aggressive with age and the onset of menopause. Once a woman reaches a certain age many changes start to appear and one of the most prominent changes is the appearance of menopause. Menopause brings many side effects which affect a woman's life. Women going through menopause experience irritability, insomnia, hot flashes and many other annoying symptoms. Many of these women find themselves seeking relief from these symptoms of hormonal change with natural treatments and supplements.

Activella Menopause Support Review

This is a review of Activella Menopause Support, a prescription medication. The packaging of this menopause medication has been taken to a new level. Created in a circular format with a unique marked holder for each day’s capsule, Activella makes remembering to take medication quite simple. Accompanying its unique packaging design are the health benefits […]

Amberen Review

The review you are about to read discusses Amberen, one of the numerous supplements on the market seeking to help women go through menopause comfortably. This remedy claims it can enable women to have a positive menopausal experience by naturally contributing to balancing their hormones, relieving hot flashes, and boosting energy. The manufacturer also alleges […]

Angeliq Menopause Supplements Review

This is a review of Angeliq Menopause Supplements. Millions of women are affected by the symptoms of menopause every day. The discomforts of the transitional stages of menopause can reduce the pleasures women enjoy on a regular basis. Angeliq has created a pill which the company promises can help women fight the symptoms and start […]

Antiaging Don’t Pause for Women Supplements Review

Antiaging Don’t Pause for Women supplement helps with a long and detailed list of menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, cold flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, loss of sexual desire, vaginal dryness, and mood swings. This innovative new product is an all natural herbal remedy that also addresses different changes that women experience with their body during perimenopause and […]

Best EstroG-100 by Doctor’s Best Science Based Nutrition Review

Best EstroG – 100 is used to help alleviate the agitation and uncomfortable situation women find themselves in their menopause age. The symptoms include irritability, mood swings, emotional fragility, dizziness and lack of sleep. A research included this particular supplement and some women who were nearing their menopause age, during it and post menopause. It […]

Biogetica Freedom Kit Review

This is a review of Biogetica Freedom Kit.  Based upon homeopathic remedies and advanced Nutraceuticals, Biogetica has carefully crafted a unique kit that will help reduce many menopausal symptoms. Claiming to reduce hot flashes, irritability, insomnia, mood swings, and headaches while stimulating the nervous tissues and providing hormonal balance, Biogetica touches on many issues surrounding […]

Cenestin Menopause Treatment Review

This is a review of Cenestin Menopause Treatment. Menopause is a transitional time which can bring about unwanted symptoms that disrupt daily activities and sleep. The vast majority of symptoms leave women constantly searching for relief. Cenestin claims to provide relief for these unpleasant symptoms. Selecting a health care supplement can be confusing and overwhelming.  There are many choices […]

Clear Menopause Clear Products Supplements Review

Menopause by Clear is a homeopathic formula that combines what they claim is a unique formula, designed specifically to offer effective relief from the many symptoms associated with menopause. Some of the benefits of using their product include easy to swallow vegetarian friendly capsules, does not cause you to become drowsy and it is non-habit […]

Delta Labs Femestra Review

Femestra created by Delta Labs is an all-natural herbal supplement with very few ingredients. It claims to aid in the reduction for the symptoms and discomforts associated with menopause. These include hot flashes, night sweats, decreased libido and symptoms also related to PMS.  Femestra also boasts that it can help your body naturally restore its […]

Emerita Midlife Balance Formula Review

Midlife Balance Formula made by Emerita is an all-natural herbal remedy that is designed for woman suffering through the phases of menopause. It comes in large white bottle with the name of the product across the front. The website provides very little detail about this product. It does not make any claims as to which […]