Integrative Psychiatry GABA Boost for Anxiety Relief

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Integrative Psychiatry GABA Boost contains some essential ingredients for anxiety-alleviation. The formula provides a sufficient dose of its key active ingredients.

Integrative Psychiatry GABA Boost Review

The following review of Integrative Psychiatry GABA Boost provides a detailed analysis of various factors that may contribute to the product’s effectiveness. The goal of this product is to efficiently reduce tension, relieve anxiety, and uplift users’ moods. This review will shed light on the ingredients, price, and guarantee offered by the manufacturer to determine whether or not this is an optimal product choice for combating anxiety.


  • Phenyl-GABA
  • L-Theanine
  • L-Taurine
  • Vitamin B6

These four ingredients work together to provide relief to symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. GABA is a neurotransmitter that works to inhibit the activity of nerve cells in the nervous system and thus plays a pivotal role in calming the mind. L-Theanine addresses a variety of health concerns over and above aiding in the brain’s ability to relax. It works to regulate the Serotonin and Dopamine excreted by the brain. L-Taurine stabilizes cell membranes and inhibits the firing of neurons which would otherwise result in a restless mood. It is also responsible for the further production of GABA. Vitamin B6 is known for its anti-depressant properties, however, works best in conjunction with Magnesium. The lack of Magnesium, in this formula, is a concern as it is a vital mineral used in competing products to combat stress. It is positive to note that this product does not contain any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or other toxic substances. It is also vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free. The manufacturing of this product follows strict cGMP guidelines which bode well for its quality, however, this certificate is also held by superior brands on the market.


The manufacturer recommends consuming 1 – 2 capsules up to 3 times daily for optimal benefits. This would supply sufficient quantities of the active ingredients. While this dosage is neither too high nor low, the fact that the formula lacks concentrations of other essential ingredients is a major concern. The addition of Magnesium would further enhance the product’s ability to deliver improved results that are inline with some competing products.


A 120 capsule bottle of this product can be purchased online from the manufacturer’s website for $47.90. This is a relatively high price to pay for a product lacking in some key ingredients. Furthermore, there are no additional discounts or bulk-buy deals to ensure that long-term use does not become costly.


Purchases of this product are supported by a 25-day guarantee, however, only unopened products are eligible for a refund. To make matters more concerning, these refunds are subject to a restocking fee. This means that you will not receive back your total money spent despite the product being returned in original condition. This may indicate a lack of confidence in the product’s ability to perform as intended. Upon further research, we were unable to find sufficient customer reviews of this product. This raises red flags as it suggests the product is not a popular purchase option. We are also unable to confidently gauge the efficacy of the product.

Integrative Psychiatry GABA Boost Review – Conclusion

Integrative Psychiatry GABA Boost contains some essential ingredients for anxiety-alleviation. The formula provides a sufficient dose of its key active ingredients. These are positive selling points, however, it is disappointing to find that the guarantee does not apply to opened products. This suggests that the product is not as effective as intended. The lack of customer reviews means that we cannot accurately ascertain product efficacy. There are many more affordable alternatives on the market that offer significant discounts for long-term use. Therefore, we recommend seeking an alternative with a more proven track record.

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