About Holy Basil

Holy Basil (scientific name: Ocimum tenuiflorum), also known as Tulsi in its native region, is a mint-type plant with distinctive purple flowers. Of Indonesian origin, the plant spread all across South-East Asia, where it became extremely popular in traditional medicine, cuisine and also in religious worship. It has also been known to be used to treat symptoms ranging from various infections through fever all the way to common cold. In traditional Indian medicine, the plant has been used to relieve stress for a very long time. Holy Basil's use as an adaptogen has only entered western society recently. Adaptogens generally help the body with the management of substance levels and various body-functions, which in turn, relieves stress.

California Xtracts Holy Basil Review

Reviewed here is a product called California Xtracts Holy Basil. The main component of this product is an herb called Holy Basil, which has long been used in India—where it is called “Tulsi” (aka “The Incomparable One”)—as medicine, food, and for religious ceremonies. As the legend goes, Krishna’s strength could not be outweighed by any […]

Dr. Wakde’s Pure Tulsi Review

How much do you know about holy basil? This herb has been used for centuries in India, and is an important part of the traditional medicine as well as the religious practices of Hindu. Slowly, it’s been getting more popular among Westerners for its spectacular health benefits. However, it can be difficult to find holy basil […]

Enzymatic Therapy Holy Basil Trinity Blend Review

Enzymatic Therapy Holy Basil Trinity Blend is an herbal supplement that uses three different types of Holy Basil leaf extract to deliver the broadest spectrum of useful active ingredients. This is sold as an all-natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for beating stress and anxiety. According to its product label and the manufacturer’s website, this Holy […]

Flora Holy Basil Review

Flora Health Holy Basil, known also as Tulsi, is considered a sacred herb in most Indian Cultures today, and has been used for thousands of years as a part of Ayurvedic healing traditions.  Known as ‘Nature’s elixir of life’, it is used for everything from an aid for digestion to a heart tonic.  In Hinduism, Tulsi means […]

Floracopeia Tulsi Review

Holy basil is one of the healthiest herbs for your body. This plant, also known by its Indian name Tulsi, has been used for centuries in Indian cooking and religious practices, and it’s started to make waves in the West for its medicinal benefits. However, if you don’t live in southern Asia or have access […]

Hermitaj Botanicals Holy Basil Review

Ocimum tenuiflorum, also known as Tulasi or Tulsi, is a plant with a distinctive aroma, which originates in the Indian Subcontinent, where it has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Holy Basil is filed as an Adaptogen, which mainly helps in relieving stress by reducing thecortisol hormone, which is one of the main catalysts of the biological […]

Holy Basil Premium Review

The product Holy Basil Premium is looked at in this review. This is by far, one of the greatest supplements of its kind that I have examined. This Holy Basil supplement is composed to reduce stress and to enhance concentration, clarity and focus. Additionally, it has other health benefits as it maintains healthy blood sugar […]