Ego Pharmaceuticals SolvEasy for Athlete's Foot

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We like the fact that they dedicate a feedback form on their website and that there are some good customer reviews.

Ego Pharmaceuticals SolvEasy Review

In this review of Ego Pharmaceuticals SolvEasy Tinea Cream, we look into how this Lanolin-free cream aims to soothe the itching which is suffered by those which have the fungal infection of athlete’s foot, as well as eliminating the fungus with its antifungal properties.


Primary Ingredients:

  • Terbinafine Hydrochloride (1%)

This is an antifungal which works by supposedly stopping the growth of the fungus. There is a concentration of only 1% which certainly is a very low concentration. We also wonder why Undecylenic acid has not been added to this cream as most leading brands use it in their topical blend as it is the most powerful antifungal according to clinical studies.

Secondary Ingredients:

  • Benzyl Alcohol
  • Hydroxybenzoates

Benzyl Alcohol, as well as Hydroxybenzoates, are both strong preservatives. Although these might be necessary for the quality of the primary ingredient, we do not see why other ingredients which could assist in soothing the skin such as Jojoba Oil or Clove Oil and Menthol could have been added.


Apply the cream to the site of infection and the surrounding area once daily, after washing and drying thoroughly. It is recommended that an alternative for normal soap should be used instead as this will prevent the skin from further irritation. Complete the application of the cream once daily, for 7 days, unless the infection has spread to the sole of the foot, then use this product for a period of 2 to 4 weeks.


A 0.5 oz tube is available to buy at local stockists and is sold online at a cost of $11.95. However, the creation of an account is required in order to confirm the purchase.


The manufacturer offers a 30-day guarantee on the conditions that the product was bought through the online ego store only, that the customer still has their receipt, that the product is in good condition without any damages, and is still in the condition you received it, (with all pamphlets and any extras that may or may not have come with the product), and that you have submitted an online returns form via the website. The shipping fee is also refunded to the customer.

Ego Pharmaceuticals SolvEasy Review – Conclusion

We like the fact that they dedicate a feedback form on their website and that there are some good customer reviews. We need to address the issue of there being a lack of a seriously powerful ingredient in this antifungal cream. If the main ingredient is only concentrated at 1%, that means that the majority of this product consists of inactive ingredients. We cannot help but give other leading brands which utilize a 25% concentration of Undecylenic Acid in their creams a better rating as they have chosen the best go-to ingredient for the elimination of the fungus which causes Athlete’s foot.

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