Healing Natural Oils H Athletes Foot Formula Treatment for Athlete's Foot

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The healing oils are gentle astringents and soothing agents, a good base for any athlete’s foot remedy. It is free of harsh chemicals and quality ingredients are used.

Healing Natural Oils H Athletes Foot Formula Review

Athlete’s foot – when the dreaded red rash and inflammatory itch rears its head, it can lead to despair. At very best, it is highly uncomfortable. The product under review today uses 100% natural, high quality ingredients to kill the fungus causing the infection and soothe the skin. The name? H Athletes Foot Formula.

The fungus responsible for athlete’s foot, tinea pedis, uses thrives in dark, moist conditions and is highly contagious. This remedy is designed to kill the fungus. As a result, the symptoms should be alleviated. Besides the itching and redness, you may also experience burning, skin tearing or flakiness, blisters and more. It may also settle under your toenails and cause hardness or discoloration.

This product contains a blend of pure natural oils which act as astringents and antioxidants, as well as homeopathic ingredients.


  • Calendula officinalis 12C
  • Lycopodium clavatum 12C
  • Thuja occidentalis 12C
  • Cymbopogon flexuosus whole plant
  • Lavandula officinalis flower bud
  • Melaleuca alternifolia leaf-branch
  • Pelargonium graveolens whole plant

The first three ingredients are the homeopathic active ingredients. Calendula officinalis is a healing agent with a localized effect when topically applied. Thuja occidentalis and Lycopodium clavatum are immunostimulants and antifungals, so they help kill the fungus and boost healing.

The oils from the last four ingredients are astringents so they would, for example, help to close the skin after the white, flaky skin has peeled off. They also act as carriers for the active ingredients so the ingredients penetrate below the epidermis where the fungus resides. In addition, they soothe the itching and burning, and help the inflammation subside.

Homeopathic ingredients work differently for everyone. They are designed to help the body heal on its own. In homeopathy, ingredients simulating the symptoms are introduced into the body to kick start the body’s healing process.

The manufacturer does not say how long it will take for the infection to be cured but does promise that the fungus will start to be eliminated on contact.


Apply this oil-based remedy with a cotton swab to the infected skin after washing and drying it thoroughly. Do not ingest it. Do not use this if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and do not use it on children under four.

No explicit side effects are listed but there is always a rare chance of being irritated by the botanical oils. Discontinue use if this happens and see a doctor.


You can buy this product from the website in two sizes. The 11 ml bottle retails for $29.95 which is quite expensive, while you can purchase the 33 ml bottle for $69.95.


There is an ‘unconditional’ 90-day money-back returns policy – it seems you can return all bottles for a full refund. We take this to mean that the bottles could be opened or used, but this is not explicitly stated.

Conclusion – Healing Natural Oils H Athletes Foot Formula

The healing oils are gentle astringents and soothing agents, a good base for any athlete’s foot remedy. It is free of harsh chemicals and quality ingredients are used. In addition, the guarantee seems impressive. By all consumer review accounts on the product website, this synthesis translates into an effective product in practise.

A homeopathic solution is not for those who perhaps need a more robust treatment plan, in which case a product containing medical strength undecylenic acid would provide a potent cure not only for the current infection, but any reinfection. The product does not appear to retail on Amazon any longer and it is not clear if this is due to a lack of demand – it is expensive compared to other traditional and herbal products. No consumer reviews can be found for this remedy other than on the product website, which also raises certain questions.

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