HyperBiotics PRO-Dental for Bad Breath & Body Odor

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Considering that this product is fairly priced and that the manufacturer does offer a discount option, it could be a relatively ok product

HyperBiotics PRO-Dental Review

The below is an informative review for PRO-Dental that promises to reveal all the facts about this product. The manufacturer claims that this product is a probiotic that will assist with dental health and is made in convenient chewable tablets. This product claims that it will support the health of your gums, prevent dental issues and also aid bad breath problems.


  • Zinc – 2 mg
  • Proprietary Probiotic Blend – 3 Billion CFU
  • S.salivarius K12
  • S.salivarius M18
  • L.reuteri
  • L.paracasei

Zinc can be used to prevent dental plaque and gingivitis from forming. S.salivarius K12 and  S.salivarius M18 are probiotics that may assist to prevent bad breath and improve existing bad breath problems and may also help to fight infections which may be the cause of dental issues. L.reuteri and L.paracasei are also probiotics that may also prevent dental issues, infections and may work by restoring balanced flora and fighting off infections while also preventing infections and harmful bacteria from being present in the mouth.


This product is suggested to be used after using mouthwash and brushing your teeth, it is manufactured in easy to use chewable tablets. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be alternative dosages available for increased results although, it could be assumed that this product should be used on a regular basis to provide maximum results and the manufacturer does advise that you should start seeing improvement after seven days of consecutive use.


You can purchase this product online directly from the manufacturer’s website for $23.00 for a bottle containing 45 chewable tablets, this could be considered to be a one month supply. There is a discount option available when you sign up to receive deliveries on an ongoing basis of a minimum of every four weeks saving you an ongoing 7% per each order.


The manufacturer does offer a 100% money back guarantee and they state that they will either provide you with a different formula, replace your order or refund your purchase without asking any questions. Unfortunately they do not specify adequate details for this guarantee such as a time period that it will be valid for, or the preferred condition that the product should be in and considering these aspects, this may be a weak guarantee that leaves much room for the manufacturer to reject your refund request.

HyperBiotics PRO-Dental Review – Conclusion

Considering that this product is fairly priced and that the manufacturer does offer a discount option, it could be a relatively ok product however, the manufacturer’s guarantee does not specify sufficient details which suggests that it is not a very strong guarantee. There are also no customer reviews available on the manufacturer’s website which is worrying because this could have provided significant information regarding the general experiences from people who have actually used this product and our extensive research has no yielded much evidence to suggest that this product really is effective at all. Based on all the relevant findings of HyperBiotics PRO-Dental we suggest that you should rather keep looking for a similar product that you would find more suitable and one that is available from leading brands that have proven to be effective.

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