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The product is based on ancient practised wisdom and formula ingredients that, while not clinically proven other than bacopa, have stood the test of time because they work.

Herbal Destination Memory Hrx Review

Nootropics are another name for brain boosters, and they are increasing in popularity very rapidly especially among individuals who work in industries requiring high mental application all day. Recent reports by credible outlets such as The Guardian have, for example, highlighted widespread usage by Silicon Valley execs, with many admitting to using brain boosters to enhance their output and performance. These brain boosters are considered a  safe and mostly natural means of feeding the brain nutrients, minerals and stimulants that increase its processing speed.

Today we review a brand of nootropic brought to market by Herbal Destination. It is called Memory Hrx. Herbal Destination says Memory Hrx will help you recall facts, experience better cognition, increase your attention span and boost your brain power.


  • Bacopa (Whole plant) (Saponins 15%)
  • Gotu kola (Whole plant) (Saponins 15%)
  • Aloe weed (Whole plant) (Bitters 2%)
  • Ashwagandha (Root) (Withanolides 1.5%)
  • Licorice (Root) (Glycyrrhizic acid 15%)

Bacopa is one of the more common ingredients in nootropics. It has bacosides that improve blood flow to the brain and help to improve both cognitive and nerve impulse function. Aloe weed is high in antioxidants which prevent the brain from cognitive decline. Ashwagandha root not only has benefits for the brain, but the thyroid and muscles as well. Indian Ginseng, as it is also known, is used to combat Alzheimer’s in traditional medicine. Licorice root similarly prevents aging in the brain. Gotu Kola improves both mood and memory.


The formula is derived from ancient ayurvedic texts as this is an ayurvedic remedy. The manufacturers are not very clear on how many capsules should be taken but two seems likely. It is best not to take this at night initially as you need to assess whether this combination of herbs will have a stimulatory effect and keep you awake or induce vivid dreams. It is always best to clear all medications – natural or otherwise – with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant or already taking medication for other conditions.


You’ll pay $24.99 on the memory Hrx website for a pack of 60 capsules. While a loyalty points programme seems to be in place, there are no bulk discounts for buying more than one pack, it seems. There also seems to be a coupon code discount in place the first time you purchase something from the Herbal Destination website.


There is a 30-day money-back returns policy which applies to unopened products bought via the website only. As for opened products, returns will be assessed on a case by case basis and is subject to a restocking fee. If you buy this from a reseller, you are bound by their policies.

Herbal Destination Memory Hrx Review – Conclusion

The product is based on ancient practised wisdom and formula ingredients that, while not clinically proven other than bacopa, have stood the test of time because they work. The kind of improvement you can expect is mental rejuvenation, with an emphasis on sharper memory recall and retention. The idea behind the product is to act as a way to slow down the onset of typical old-age related memory challenges. As such, it may not be a brain booster in the typical sense of acting as a stimulant for faster brain processing speed overall.

You have very little way of ascertaining if the product is working risk-free, as you cannot return opened stock for the most part. This is a purchase drawback. Usually, ayurvedic remedies also work more gradually than others so if you’re expecting to see an instant difference versus an improvement over time, you may want to give Memory Hrx a miss. Ayurvedic remedies are formulated to be gentle and build up a bodily strength or stamp out an illness without essentially ‘shocking’ the body into a quicker fix. We conclude by mentioning these facts in our Memory Hrx review as they are important ones that warrant careful consideration.

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