The Herbalist Mouth Defend for Canker Sore Relief

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In this review of Mouth Defend, we found that this product might be quite effective for relieving the symptoms of painful mouth ulcers. This product is relatively well priced and easy to buy.

The Herbalist Mouth Defend Review

In this review, we will be looking at a product from The Herbalist called Mouth Defend. Canker sores are small, painful sores that occur in the mouth, inside the lips, cheeks, and on the tongue. Although no one is certain why these sores occur, many experts believe they are a result of injury, stress, certain foods (citrus and acidic foods are especially harsh), or vitamin deficiencies. According to the manufacturer, this product will provide relief from this painful condition and help to prevent further occurrences of them.


  • Echinacea Root (E. angustifolia)
  • Golden Seal Root  (Hydrastis canadensis)
  • Myrrh Gum (Commiphora molmol)
  • Propolis  (Resina propoli)
  • Spilanthes herb (Spilanthes acemelia)
  • Yerba Mansa root  (Anemopsis spp.)

Although this seems like a relatively good list of ingredients there were a few things we found concerning. This product does not contain vital ingredients that you would expect in a product such as this like Vitamin B12. Additionally, the manufacturer does not state whether or not this product provides pain relief or if it contains any additives, preservatives, fillers or binders.


When you wish to use this product for restorative measures, the manufacturers of this product recommend that you use 30 to 60 drops three times daily. This is equal to one to two droppers that are completely filled. You can also use this product on a daily basis to prevent further ulcers from forming in your mouth. For this purpose, the manufacturer recommends that you take 30 drops, which is one full dropper, three times daily. You can also add these drops to water to make it easier to ingest. Sadly, this product is not suitable for individuals who are pregnant or nursing.


You can find this product on The Herbalist’s online store for $15.00 for one bottle. Each bottle contains one fluid ounce of the supplement. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of this product does not offer any special offers or discounts for this product on their online store.


According to the information that we could find on the manufacturer’s website they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products. Sadly, this was the extent of the information that we could find. They do not state for how long this guarantee is valid and they do not give any indication on the conditions of their guarantee. This means that it is very likely that they will not accept returns for products that have already been opened.

Mouth Defend Review – Conclusion

In this review of Mouth Defend, we found that this product might be quite effective for relieving the symptoms of painful mouth ulcers. This product is relatively well priced and easy to buy. However, this product is not suitable for all people to use. The manufacturer does not make any consumer reviews available for people to look at when deciding if they want to purchase this product. Additionally, there is no information available regarding third party testing which was completed for this product, which means its quality, effectiveness, and safety is not confirmed.

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