Bio Nutrition Caralluma 1000mg Supplement for Weight Loss

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We like the simple, boiled down, one ingredient formula and its 10:1 formulation. The dosage instructions are also simple to follow.

Bio Nutrition Caralluma 1000mg Review

For some, losing weight doesn’t come easily. It can be beyond difficult to stay away from the vending machine and not snack mindlessly. Beyond that, trying to burn fat or build muscle? It seems almost too much at times. However, with the right supplement, you may be able to finally conquer this problem. Read review below of Bio Nutrition’s Caralluma 1000mg which makes the relatively modest claims that it supports appetite control and weight management. Is this particular product the solution you’re looking for?


This product seems to only contain 1000mg of concentrated Caralluma Fimbriata 10:1 (meaning 10 parts of raw material are used to make one part of the finished product). Called the “Famine Food”, this cactus-like plant has been used for centuries in India because of its ability to suppress appetite, build muscle and burn fat. These properties are what make it such a natural inclusion in the weight loss supplement industry. For those who find that the temptation to overeat, splurge on cravings, or eat emotionally is too overwhelming, this may well be the solution that you’ve been looking for.


Though we couldn’t find the actual instructions on the website for this product, after some searching, we were able to track them down on a third-party retailer’s website. The instructions for Bio Nutrition Caralluma are to take two vegetarian capsules once or twice per day. They should be taken approximately half an hour before a meal, and you should always take with a full glass of water. If a healthcare provider instructs differently, follow those instructions instead.


You can buy a bottle of 60 vegetarian capsules of Bio Nutrition Caralluma from the manufacturer’s website for $14.95. There doesn’t appear to be any discount or bulk purchase savings offered. Despite looking, we could find no sales, coupons, or even bulk offers available. You will receive free shipping if you are inside of the continental United States by purchasing more than $49.99 worth of product.


If you are not satisfied with the results of the product, you can return the unused portion of the product for a refund. This needs to happen within 30 days from the date of purchase. To return the product, it needs to include the original packaging, including the box it was delivered in, plus the receipt and the reason for the return. For products that are damaged, you must report it within one business day of the receipt of your item; you will receive a replacement item and will have to pay a 10% restocking fee.

Conclusion – Bio Nutrition Caralluma

We like the simple, boiled down, one ingredient formula and its 10:1 formulation. The dosage instructions are also simple to follow. However, the lack of details about the product provided by the manufacturer is worrisome, as is the restrictive 30-day timeframe for returns, not enough time to test it out thoroughly. We think it is better to look for a product from a manufacturer that is more transparent about its products and provides a longer refund window.

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