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Caralluma Trim looks to try to be all things to anyone interested in using one of the trending weight-loss ingredients by including many of them in its formula.

Natural Earth Supplements Caralluma TRIM Review

Caralluma Trim is advertised as a nutritional supplement for weight loss and burning fat. It is also said to help suppress appetite, boost metabolism, elevate mood and increase energy levels. Weight loss products either produce the required results or they don’t. Let’s find out whether we can determine if Caralluma Trim is in the former category or the latter through our detailed review of the salient facts regarding this product.


This product contains

This product certainly contains many of the “hottest” ingredients in the weight loss supplement category these days. By weight, Caralluma Fimbriata is the dominant active ingredient and studies have shown that it can help reduce your waistline. However, it should be noted that in at least one of these successful studies, participants were administered 1000 mg of Caralluma Fimbriata per day. That would require more than three capsules of this product per day. Research has shown that green tea boosts metabolism which helps in fat loss. Another ingredient, Coleus Forskohlii, can treat disorders like high blood pressure, angina, and asthma. In addition to all this Coleus Forskohlii can also assist in weight loss efforts. Garcinia Cambogia is an ingredient which can help one with exercise performance, weight loss and joint pain. Raspberry Ketone is a chemical which is found in red raspberries, peaches, and kiwifruit among others and can assist in weight loss.

For optimal results, when using this product, a healthy diet and exercise are recommended.


The recommended dosage is two capsules of Caralluma Trim with water. You can optionally consume the tablets with a meal.


A bottle of Caralluma Trim contains 60 capsules, a month’s supply. If you choose to buy a single bottle from the manufacturer’s website, the cost is $29.95. A 3-month supply is priced at $59.95 and you can purchase a 6-month package for $89.95.


Natural Earth Supplements accepts return for a refund up to 120 days from the purchase date. However, the details regarding the condition of the product you return aren’t clear. They do label the policy their “100% satisfaction guarantee” so presumably, you can return open bottles. However, this should be clarified before you buy.

Caralluma Trim Review – Conclusion

Caralluma Trim looks to try to be all things to anyone interested in using one of the trending weight-loss ingredients by including many of them in its formula. While this could, in theory, be an effective approach, in practice, we’re not so sure. As noted, even the main active ingredient is not present in sufficient amounts to be effective according to at least one study. In addition, we were unable to find real-world customer reviews to give an indication as to whether it works or not. The money-back guarantee is also questionable as it is unclear whether the company accepts back open/used product. Overall, there are too many question marks here for us to be able to recommend this product.

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