Rami Naturals Caralluma for Weight Loss

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The active ingredient within this health product is well known for its slimming benefits. Moreover, this product is free from binders, fillers, and preservatives.

Rami Naturals Caralluma Review

The following is a review of the product Caralluma manufactured by Rami Naturals: This company claims that their supplement contributes to weight management through boosting the metabolic rate and increasing energy levels. It purports to help control hunger cravings as well as to slow down fat storage.


Two capsules provide:

Other ingredients include the vegetable capsule. This product is free from binders, fillers, or artificial products. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians as the capsule is made from vegetable sources. The active ingredient, caralluma fimbriata, is known to assist with weight loss and weight management, helping to burn fat through increasing the metabolic rate. However, in clinical studies, it was found that, to obtain effective weight loss and fat burning, 1600 mg of the substance is required per dose: this supplement offers 600 mg less per capsule. (It is possible therefore that other supplements might provide the correct amount of the active ingredient for optimal results).


The manufacturer recommends taking two (2) tablets in the morning with the first meal. Those able to tolerate the product may include a second dosage of two more tablets with their evening meal. This should continue until the tablets have been consumed. However, this product should not be taken for longer than 15 days at a stretch. The company suggests that two bottles be bought per order, for ongoing use. Should the product not be tolerated, it should be discontinued.


A 60-capsule bottle, although not directly sold by the manufacturer, is available on the third-party site, Amazon. Our research found that this product was out of stock on this site (the site recommended by the manufacturer). Details of price are therefore unknown. Of more concern is the possible reason for this product not being available: that it could be unpopular and not effective, therefore not in great demand.


The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee on this health product. This allows a buyer to return the item within 30 days to obtain a refund, no questions asked. However, this guarantee is only applicable if the consumer buys the product directly from the manufacturer. This poses a conundrum, as the company does not sell the product: it is sold only on Amazon. This pledge from the company to remove the risk for the consumer is patently meaningless.

Conclusion – Caralluma

The active ingredient within this health product is well known for its slimming benefits. Moreover, this product is free from binders, fillers, and preservatives. The manufacturer offers a guarantee. However, there are also certain concerns with this supplement: 1) the guarantee is meaningless as it only covers goods bought directly from the company, yet it is unavailable from the manufacturer, 2) the active ingredient caralluma fimbriata is 600 mg short of the amount clinical studies have found to deliver effective results, 3) the price is unknown and, 4) the product is out of stock, which means it is either difficult to obtain, or not very popular.

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