Vox Nutrition Caralluma Supplement for Weight Loss

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This supplement by the maker Vox Nutrition seems promising, especially in that no binders or fillers are added to the formula. The consumer is given pure caralluma.

Vox Nutrition Caralluma Review 

This review examines the product Caralluma 100% Pure, manufactured by Vox Nutrition: This company claims that their product will lead to weight loss and that the formula of this product  will reduce the body’s stored fat. Read our review for more.


Two capsules provide:

Inactive ingredients are cellulose (vegetable capsule). The active ingredient, caralluma, was found to be effective in burning fat as it blocks the enzyme blocks malonyl coenzyme A, responsible for fat production. This substance suppresses hunger cravings. It helps control the center of the brain responsible for satiety. Feeling satisfied will curb the appetite, leading to weight loss. Other benefits of this substance are that it may be used to quench thirst and to increase endurance. This product is supplied in a vegetable capsule, rather than using gelatin. It may therefore be taken by both vegans and vegetarians.


The manufacturer of this health product suggests taking two capsules daily 20 to 30 minutes before a meal, with eight ounces of water. Alternatively, a doctor’s recommendation may be followed. The daily dosage of two capsules should not be exceeded. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, or those on prescription medication should consult their doctor before using this supplement.


The manufacturer of this supplement does not give prices for the various sized bottles (ranging from 30 to 180 capsules per bottle). Instead, the company suggests that potential buyers contact them for a quote (via phone, fax, email or per their website’s contact form).


Despite our research efforts, we were unable to locate a guarantee of any kind from this manufacturer. This raises a concern about the effectiveness of the product.

Conclusion – Caralluma 100% Pure

This supplement by the maker Vox Nutrition seems promising, especially in that no binders or fillers are added to the formula. The consumer is given pure caralluma. In addition, this product comes in several sizes, giving the consumer choice. Capsules are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. However, there are certain concerns with this supplement. Firstly, there is no product guarantee. The consumer takes the risk of effectiveness not guaranteed. Secondly, the dosage of 1200 mg of Caralluma falls short of the 1600 mg which clinical studies have indicated as the optimal dose. Thirdly, the dosage instructions are vague. More detailed instructions would assist users to obtain optimal results. Lastly, the price of the product is not indicated. A potential buyer must first obtain a quote for the price of this supplement. This implies that the company is neither consistent nor transparent. Consumers must be able to make proper informed choices before they buy. As such, it should be mentioned that are are other similar products on the market currently that offer better information, value and formulas based on clinical research. It might be better to look into one of these instead.

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