KeoSpark Carb Blocker for Weight Loss

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The price of KeoSpark Carb Blocker is quite good and it is quite commendable that the manufacturer offers some discounts for subscribing for a regar order.

KeoSpark Carb Blocker Review

This review evaluates the effectiveness of the product called KeoSpark Carb Blocker. KeoSpark Carb Blocker is a natural supplement that is designed to help its users to lose weight and support optimal energy production through ketogenesis. The reason carb blockers do this is that they prevent carbs from being absorbed and converted into fat.


  • Thiamin
  • Pyridoxine
  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Choline
  • Chromium
  • White kidney bean extract
  • Inositol
  • Methionine

The first three ingredients listed are B vitamins. B vitamins are involved in a range of metabolism pathways so they can help to break down both fats and carbohydrates. The manufacturer does also mention that it can help with a feeling of fullness and improving mood.

The white kidney Bean extract reduces the absorption of carbohydrates by inhibiting an enzyme called amylase in the digestive tract. The normal function of amylase is to break down larger carbohydrate molecules so that they can be absorbed. The chromium helps whatever sugar is in the blood to be absorbed and used for energy so that it is not stored as fat.

The combination of methionine inositol and choline helps to break down fat in a process called ketogenesis. Ketogenesis is a state where the body breaks down fat sources in preference to carbohydrates as a source of energy. This is another method of helping a person to lose weight.


The manufacturer suggests using this supplement by taking one capsule per day with each meal. Each time 16 oz of water should accompany taking the supplement. Each capsule provides well over a hundred percent of each of the vitamins and the chromium and contains 333 mg of white kidney bean extract.


The price of one package of is $39.99. One package contains 90 capsules. A customer can receive 10% ($3.99) discount if they subscribe for a regular order. These prices do include the cost of shipping.


If the customer finds themselves unsatisfied with the product for any reason they can make contact with the manufacturer within 90 days of the order request to arrange a refund. The manufacturer does not state whether it is a complete refund or not (they do have separate policies for products that have been opened and products which have not yet been opened).

KeoSpark Carb Blocker Review – Conclusion

The price of KeoSpark Carb Blocker is quite good and it is quite commendable that the manufacturer offers some discounts for subscribing for a regar order. However, when we compare this product to some other manufacturers who do the same or a similar thing, the discounts that KeoSpark Carb Blocker offer appear a bit weak. We say this because other manufacturers offer up to 60% discounts when buying multiple packages.

We also appreciate the guarantee that this manufacturer offers but in the same way as the discounts, it does fall just short of some other top line manufacturers. This is because they are not completely clear and transparent about their guarantee which does leave the customer and us with a little bit of doubt in the product.

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