Advanced Research Clinic CLA Supplement to Promote Weight Loss

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This product contains a sufficient dose of CLA which is common to similar products on the market. While the company is confident in the product’s ability to provide positive results


Advanced Research Clinic CLA Review

Advanced Research Clinic claims that their Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) supplementation provides excellent results. They suggest that their product reduces body fat, increases lean muscle mass, boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite. They claim to follow strict cGMP guidelines and that their product is free of GMOs. We have reviewed Advanced Research Clinic CLA to determine the product’s ability to meet these claims.


The main active ingredient in this product is Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Of this ingredient, 80% of CLA is delivered to the body. This concentration is common to most competitor products and in the right doses can provide desired results. This ingredient is key to weight loss potential in CLA supplements and this concentration is not significantly more beneficial than alternative products.


The manufacturer recommends consuming one (1) – two (2) softgels with breakfast and 1 – 2 softgels with dinner. This dosage would provide sufficient CLA however, individual tolerance may vary and should be assessed. A high dosage can result in negative side effects and a low dosage can prove ineffectual. Finding the balance will require individual testing which can only be done after a purchase has been made.


This product can be purchased online through third-party sites. A bottle of 90 softgels can be purchased for $27.97 from Amazon. Considering this would only last up to 23 days, this product is significantly more expensive than alternative products on the market. A frequent purchase would be required to maintain usage and this would become very costly in the long-term. Amazon offers a 15% discount when purchasing 3 items of this product.


Advanced Research Clinic offers a 100% money- back guarantee on this product. This suggests that the manufacturer is confident in the efficacy of this product. That being said, there is little information regarding this return policy. This raises major concerns regarding how seamless a return process would be. While the company claims to follow strict cGMP guidelines, this alone cannot assure the effectiveness of the product. Upon further research, we have found that many customers are unhappy with results. Several users have not noted any benefits of using this product. Negative side effects such as constipation and bloatedness have been reported.

Conclusion – Advanced Research Clinic CLA

This product contains a sufficient dose of CLA which is common to similar products on the market. While the company is confident in the product’s ability to provide positive results, the lack of clear stipulation regarding the return policy makes it difficult to trust. Many customers have reported that this product failed to deliver on claims even when combined with rigorous exercise. This product is substantially more expensive than competitor products and long-term use will become very costly. Therefore, we cannot recommend this product and suggest that consumers seek alternative CLA supplementation for effective weight programs.

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