AST Sports Science CLA-1000 Supplement for Weight Loss

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This product contains key ingredients common to CLA supplementation for effective weight loss programs and may prove beneficial in burning fat and building muscle.


AST Sports Science CLA-1000 Review

AST Sports Science claims that this product will increase body mass while decreasing body fat. They further claim that this product provides essential antioxidants and immune benefiting substances that promote overall health. In the following review of AST Sports Science CLA-1000, we have carefully looked at this product and its ability to meet these claims and act as an efficient weight loss supplement when compared to other products on the market.


This product contains one key active ingredients, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). A single softgel of this product provides 750mg of CLA, of which 75% is delivered to the body. This is substantially lower than several alternative supplements however, an increased dosage will account for this low concentration. This should be noted prior to purchase.


The manufacturer recommends taking one (1) – two (2) softgels 2 – three (3) times daily with meals. This is a reasonable dosage however, additional supplementation may be required for optimal results. Results are largely dependent on the individual and therefore tolerance will need to be assessed after a purchase has been made. Negative side effects such as increased blood pressure can be a result of high dosage and ineffectual results could be a sign of a dosage that is too low. Individual testing would be required.


A bottle of 90 softgels can be purchased through the AST Sports Science online store for $23.99. This is reduced from $32.95 which is a substantial saving. That being said, the dosage required for optimal results is extremely high and therefore the lifespan of each bottle is significantly lower than competitor products. This could prove costly in the case of long-term supplementation. There are a number of more affordable products on the market that should be considered before purchase.


This product is not backed by a guarantee and we are unable to find any information regarding a return policy for opened or used products. This raises major concerns regarding the efficacy of this product. The manufacturer’s lack of confidence in the product is a reflection of the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of the product.

Conclusion – AST Sports Science CLA-1000

This product contains key ingredients common to CLA supplementation for effective weight loss programs and may prove beneficial in burning fat and building muscle. Reviews are mostly positive which is in favor of this product’s ability to provide desired results. However, the lack of guarantee indicates a lack of confidence in the efficacy of this product. This combined with the unreasonable price for long-term supplementation are major drawbacks. While dosage provides significant levels of CLA, negative side effects may come as a result of maintaining the high recommend dosage.

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