Bluebonnet Clarinol CLA Supplement for Weight Loss

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Our review of Clarinol CLA Softgels found that this product might be an effective supplement for people who want to lose weight.


Bluebonnet Clarinol CLA Review

The following is a review for a product called Clarinol CLA. The main active ingredient in this product is conjugated linoleic acid, which is a dietary supplement that facilitates weight loss by helping the body lose excess fat. Conjugated linoleic acid is naturally found in safflower oil, meat, and dairy products. This product works in a weight loss program by letting the body burn fat and build lean muscle. An increase in lean muscle allows the body to metabolize calories more efficiently. This product is an effective aid when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan.


  • 78% – 80% Concentrated Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • Gelatin
  • Glycerin
  • Purified Water
  • Natural Coloring

The ingredients included in this product meet the standard of what you would expect in similar products. It contains only natural ingredients and is free of many allergens such as shellfish, nuts, gluten, and soy. However, it is not clear whether the gelatin included in this product is made from bovine or plant material. If it does contain bovine gelatin this product would not be suitable for individuals who follow a vegan diet. Additionally, the concentration of 78% -80% CLA does not quite meet the standard of other products, which offer 85%.


The only indication of dosage for this product is that one softgel is equal to one serving of this product. Unfortunately, we could find no additional information so we are not sure if you should take this product with a meal or not. This could influence your body’s ability to use this supplement correctly. We were also rather concerned that you will not meet the daily requirement for conjugated linoleic acid if you only take one 1000 mg softgel capsule daily.


Unfortunately, you cannot buy this dietary supplement directly from the manufacturer. You can buy this product from a variety of online stores as well as from third-party sellers on Amazon. You can expect to pay from $19.95 for a bottle that contains 90 softgels.


The manufacturer of this product does not offer any guarantees for this dietary supplement. This made us raised concerns about how effective this product really is. You may be able to find a return or refund policy if you purchase this product from a third party seller; however this is not as reassuring as a guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

Conclusion – Clarinol CLA Softgels

Our review of Clarinol CLA Softgels found that this product might be an effective supplement for people who want to lose weight. It is available for quite a good price and it does not contain any artificial ingredients or allergens. However, we found it quite concerning that, the manufacturers of this product do not offer any guarantees, this could indicate that this supplement is not entirely effective. We were also rather concerned about the fact that there are no clear instructions regarding the dosage of this supplement. You could do significant damage to your body if you take a supplement incorrectly.

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