GNC Total Lean CLA Supplement for Weight Loss

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There are a couple of aspects regarding this product that we see as positive. These include: the price per bottle is below typical costs


GNC Total Lean CLA Review

CLA is becoming a big player in the weight loss supplements category and with good reason. The more experimentation and research that is done about this omega-6 fatty acid, the more researchers are able to determine the role that Conjugated Linoleic Acid plays in boosting metabolism and burning stubborn fat deposits in the body. However, choosing the right supplement with the right quantities of complementary ingredients isn’t as easy as you might think. This review looks at GNC Total Lean CLA, to provide the facts to help you determine if this particular supplement suits you the best.


GNC Total Lean CLA contains just one active ingredient, 2,000 mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, per serving of two capsules. This is used to help maintain your lean muscle mass and to boost the effectiveness of your metabolism, and allow these two processes working in sync to burn excess fat in your system.


You are instructed, rather vaguely, that you can take two softgels once or twice a day. It is unclear if this is meant to be taken with food or at a particular time of day, as per the instructions for many comparable products. Essentially all the information that we could determine is that based on personal preference, you could take 2-4 softgels a day.


Given the degree of uncertainty in the recommended usage portion of this review, it is unclear how long the smallest bottle (90 ct.) is intended to last. This could be a one month supply, or less depending on the way you use the product. Either way, this smallest bottle sits at around $16, which is fairly inexpensive, at least as a one-month supply, when compared with other CLA products out there.


There is a 30-day return available for this product, which is a little less than what you might expect. This 30 day period begins from the delivery of the supplement. It is made abundantly clear that the manufacturer reserves the right to refuse a return, which could be interpreted as a way of saying they rarely accept returns and refund your money. There is something very off putting about a return policy that isn’t all about the customer that didn’t get what they were hoping for.

Conclusion – GNC Total Lean CLA

There are a couple of aspects regarding this product that we see as positive. These include:
the price per bottle is below typical costs although if you take the maximum dose this is less of an advantage over time, and online reviews are notably more positive than negative

However, there are some drawbacks that you should take into account when considering this product. The refund/return policy is based on a short time frame making it impossible to test the product’s effectiveness risk-free. In addition, the company for some reason emphasizes that it can simply outright refuse to accept a return. We also found it strange that the directions regarding the recommended dosage are rather vague.

While there are seemingly several people that have benefited from using this product when added to their regime of diet and exercise, we aren’t able to recommend this product due to the negatives noted above. You might want to use caution before you jump right in.

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