Research Verified CLA Supplement for Maximizing Weight Loss

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Overall, Research Verified CLA supplement is a top notch weight loss supplement. It contains pure CLA ingredients and is standardized at 85% which is the optimum amount


Research Verified CLA Review

Research Verified CLA is a weight loss supplement that incorporates the use of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is a naturally occurring good fatty acid that helps in boosting the body’s immunity, reducing body fat, and regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  Another benefit of taking this CLA supplement is the prevention of cancer as it can improve the body’s ability to absorb vitamins such as A and D. To learn more about this weight loss supplement continue reading the full review below.


This supplement utilizes only one primary ingredient which is CLA derived from safflower oil. Each capsule contains about 2,000mg of 85% standardized CLA. Research Verified uses no other ingredients in the manufacturing process. As the CLA compound is taken from safflower oil you are guaranteed that it is 100% natural and pure. This means a significant reduction when it comes to risks of side effects.


The recommended adult dosage of Research Verified CLA is for two capsules per day. You can take it separately throughout the day or at once. If you are planning to take it twice then take one capsule in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Ideally, you should take this supplement alongside a meal and drink plenty of water as well. If you choose, you can also take two capsules at once preferably during a meal.

Possible Side Effects

Taking CLA supplements orally has been proven to be relatively safe to use and side effect concerns are almost non-existent. That being said, there have been the occasional reports of the supplement causing minor side effects such as stomachache, nausea and diarrhea. Certain health precautions must also be taken by those who plan on using this supplement. Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid taking CLA supplements of any kind as it can have negative effects on the development of the infant within the womb and during breast feeding. People with bleeding disorders or who will be undergoing surgery should avoid taking this supplement as well as it can cause blood clotting to slow down.


One bottle of Research Verified CLA contains about 60 softgel capsules and is priced at $48. This is a reasonable price tag but might be a bit steep for some. Fortunately though, the manufacturer offers a varying percent of discounts for those planning on making bulk purchases. They offer a 3 month supply (3 bottles) that lowers the price per bottle to $33 and a 6 month supply (6 bottles) that puts the price per bottle at $24.


After browsing through their official website for information we learned about the 365-day money back guarantee. This is as good a guarantee is going to get with these types of supplements. Any opened and unopened bottles are viable for return. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can ask for a refund through their customer support page. You will get your money back with the exception of the return delivery charge. It only takes a little over a month to determine whether a weight loss supplement is working, so one whole year is more than enough for a money back guarantee.

Conclusion – Research Verified CLA

Overall, Research Verified CLA supplement is a top notch weight loss supplement. It contains pure CLA ingredients and is standardized at 85% which is the optimum amount to get quick, safe and positive results. The discounts for bulk purchase as well as the one year money back guarantee are great safety nets for new customers looking to try out this product. Read more here, for additional information and reviews about this superb supplement.

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