TNVitamins CLA Supplement for Promoting Weight Loss

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TNVitamins CLA has some positive aspects going for it including its money back guarantee and pricing. Our concern regarding this product centers around the unclear usage directions


TNVitamins CLA Review

Researchers are learning about the broader picture of the benefits of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) within the human body. The analysis seems to indicate that the human diet used to have quite a lot of CLA in it naturally through the foods that developing civilizations were eating, but over time, this amount decreased more and more. CLA Supplements offer a more efficient metabolism, helping it to burn up fat deposits in your body and maintain the lean muscle you have developed. One such supplement is TNVitamins CLA, and in our below review we present the facts regarding this product along with our recommendation.


• CLA (78-84% ) from Safflower Oil

CLA is the primary and sole active ingredient in this supplement. It is exclusively marketed as boosting your metabolism and helping to burn stubborn fat deposits in your body.

Non-active ingredients

  • Gelatin
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Purified Water


This is where the product takes a strange turn. Since it is being promoted as a weight loss supplement, it is a little discouraging that the usage directions are vague. All of the directions simply indicate to take one or more servings a day, a serving being a single softgel. People might be left with the impression that the more they take, the more their body will burn fat, but there is a point (as noted by several other CLA products with clearer dosage instructions) where a certain amount of CLA is detrimental to your progress.


In terms of cost for a month’s supply (or smallest bottle at least, since the length of supply will depend, of course, on how many you decide to take each day), you really can’t beat the price. There are plenty of product like this that are charging notably more for a month’s worth of CLA, so if this ends up working for you, it is among the least expensive of these supplements that you are likely to find. For 90 softgels, you are only asked to pay just under $8.


There is a 90-day money back guarantee in place. This 90 day period begins when you receive your shipment from the company, which is unlike most return policies which start your timer upon the completion of the order. You simply have to send back any unused product along with an explanation regarding what was wrong with the product to receive a refund of your purchase.

Conclusion – TNVitamins CLA

TNVitamins CLA has some positive aspects going for it including its money back guarantee and pricing. Our concern regarding this product centers around the unclear usage directions, which basically leave it entirely up to the user how much to take and when.

While there are certainly a lot of products out there like this that you can choose from, TNVitamins CLA seems to be fairly well liked, according to online reviews. It might worth trying to see if it works for you, but again we caution that there are serious holes in the usage directions.

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