21st Century Psyllium Clenz Supplement for Colon Cleanse

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This product does have a money back guarantee and it also seems to be a cost-effective choice. Psyllium Clenz 500 mg claims to be safe for children, pregnant women and the elderly

21st Century Psyllium Clenz Review

This review is for Psyllium Clenz 500 mg that will examine all the facts about this product. It claims to be a colon and intestinal cleanser that will lubricate your intestines and also help to relieve constipation. This product claims to be safe for children, pregnant and also elderly people. The manufacturer claims that it will help to treat issues such as constipation, intestinal blockages, and discomfort, and claims that this product is not a laxative and safe for everyday use.


Psyllium seeds are used as a laxative that may be beneficial for the treatment of constipation by increasing the water percentage in stools which will make them softer making bowel movements easier and less painful. This ingredient may also be used with appropriate diet to help lower high cholesterol. Unfortunately, this ingredient does have possible side effects such as stomach cramping, chest pain, vomiting and difficulty swallowing and breathing. Research also suggests that some people may have an allergic reaction to this ingredient such as rash, swelling, and itching on the face, throat, and tongue. Other possible allergic reactions include dizziness.


The manufacturer advises that you should take either one or two at night in order to properly clear your bowels in the morning. It is also suggested that you may open the capsules and sprinkle them over food or mix into beverages to avoid having to swallow the capsules. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any alternative dosages suggested that could possibly increase the results of this product.


This product is available to be purchased online from the manufacturer’s website and is listed at $8.28 for a bottle that contains 60 vegetarian-friendly capsules, which could be considered to be a one month supply based on using this product according to the manufacturer’s advice. It is slightly disappointing that there does not seem to be any kind of discounts available for this product.


The manufacturer does offer a full money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. Unfortunately, you may only request a refund for one opened bottle should you be returning multiple bottles of this product. It is slightly upsetting that you will only receive a refund 21 days after you have returned the product.

Conclusion – Psyllium Clenz 500 mg

This product does have a money back guarantee and it also seems to be a cost-effective choice. Psyllium Clenz 500 mg claims to be safe for children, pregnant women and the elderly which is greatly concerning considering that the main ingredient used does have a list of significant side effects according to research and it is unusual that there are no warnings or cautions provided by the manufacturer regarding these possible side effects. It is also worrying that this product only has one customer review available which may create some doubt regarding the general effectiveness and results of this product based on social feedback. Unfortunately, this product does not really seem to stand out in any way when comparing it to other similar products.

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