7 Lights Temple Cleanse Supplement for Colon Cleanse

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Temple Cleanse does generally seem to be an ok product when considering that it has been formulated with some good ingredients

7 Lights Temple Cleanse Review

This is a review of a product called Temple Cleanse that will analyze all the facts. This product claims to be formulated with ingredients that will gently cleanse your colon and intestines. It claims to help stimulate bowel movements and also help to loosen built-up waste. The manufacturer claims that this dietary supplement will help with weight loss, maintain healthy digestion and also sustain the regularity and ease of bowel movements.


Elemental Magnesium helps to maintain healthy cell function and is beneficial for your nerves, muscles, bones and also your heart. It may also help to neutralize stomach acid and assists with the movement of stools through intestines. Elemental Potassium may help with treating high blood pressure and may also assist with the prevention of strokes, some research suggests that it may help with constipation, bloating, skin conditions and gout, however; there is not enough evidence to prove that is is effective for these issues.


It is suggested that you should take three capsules along with 8 to 12 oz of water once daily. It is advised to take these capsules on an empty stomach or before bed. The manufacturer also states that you may take these capsules more often than once per day and that the frequency and number of capsules may be altered depending on your individual requirements and preferred results, based on this the individual results may vary. It is somewhat unusual that the manufacturer does not provide any information regarding the maximum recommended dosage or suggest that you should rather alter the dosage after you have consulted a healthcare practitioner.


This product can be purchased online and is available on the manufacturer’s website. It is listed at $49.95 for a bottle that contains 180 capsules which might be considered as a one month’s supply if used in the lowest suggested dosage. You may also purchase this product at a discounted rate of $33.30 per bottle when purchasing three bottles, this will save you a total of 33%.


The manufacturer does not seem to offer any kind of money back guarantee, nor do they seem to accept any kind of returns for this product. This is extremely concerning considering they have disregarded the importance of backing this product with any kind of guarantee, they seem to fail to acknowledge the significance of creating risk-free comfort for their customers that may have concerns regarding the quality standards.

Conclusion – Temple Cleanse

Temple Cleanse does generally seem to be an ok product when considering that it has been formulated with some good ingredients and that it also does seem to have any listed possible side effects which could imply that this might be a relatively safe product. Unfortunately, the dosage instructions that have been provided by the manufacturer for this product are not very informative at all. This is also a rather costly option, especially when taking into account that there is no money back guarantee available. This product does not really seem to provide much-proven superiority in comparison to other similar products that are also available.

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