Botanic Choice Colon Clear Formula Supplement to Aid in Digestive Health

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This product, in general, does seem to be a relatively ok product considering it is somewhat cost effective and it is formulated with some good ingredients that may be beneficial

Botanic Choice Colon Clear Formula Review

The following is a review for a product called Colon Clear Formula. This product claims to soothe and cleanse the lining of your colon and also help to sustain healthy digestion. The manufacturer also claims that this product will assist with gas and bloating, help to alleviate occasional constipation and also boost your bodies ability to absorb nutrients.


  • Gentian Powder – 60 mg
  • Psyllium Husk Powder USP (hulls) – 1.5 g
  • Slippery Elm Powder (bark) – 42 mg

Gentian powder contains chemicals that may help assist with the dilation of blood vessels; this may possibly help with digestion problems such as loss of your appetite, feelings of fullness, intestinal gas problems, diarrhea, gastritis, heartburn and also vomiting. Psyllium Husk Powder is used as a laxative and may help encourage regularity without increasing flatulence and may also promote overall health for digestion. Slippery Elm Powder helps to ease sore throats and may also enhance the secretion of mucous which may be beneficial for intestinal as well as stomach problems.


The manufacturer suggests that you should take three capsules daily along with 8 oz of water or a preferred beverage. It is advised that you should not use this product if you have any problems swallowing. Unfortunately, it is not suggested at what times of the day you should take these capsules or if they should be taken without meals. This product should also not be used by pregnant or lactating women, and it is also advised that is may cause choking if not taken with enough water as the capsule will swell and therefore block your throat. It is also advised that if you start experiencing difficulty breathing, chest pains, or vomiting that you should seek immediate medical attention.


This product may be purchased online from the manufacturer’s website and is currently listed at $19.00 for a bottle that contains 180 capsules which could be considered to be a two month supply if used as advised by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any discounts available for this product which may be slightly disappointing.


The manufacturer offers a money full money back guarantee within one year of purchase, you are required to return the unused portion, however; they do state that your refund does not include processing and shipping fees. Should you be returning more that one bottle, then only one opened bottle will be refunded, the rest are required to be sealed and unused.

Conclusion – Colon Clear Formula

This product, in general, does seem to be a relatively ok product considering it is somewhat cost effective and it is formulated with some good ingredients that may be beneficial for the sustenance of general colon health. It is, however, slightly concerning that this product has less than a hand full of good customer reviews available, other similar products seem to have a vast amount of great reviews. This product also, unfortunately, has many significant side effects that could be a very concerning issue considering this product could not be all that safe. Unfortunately, Colon Clear Formula does not seem to stand out in comparison to other similar products that may possibly be safer to use on a daily basis.

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