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This powerful formula contains several beneficial ingredients for an effective colon cleanse. The inclusion of patented ingredients bodes well for the efficacy of this product.

Colovexus Review

Constipation, fatigue, aches, and hemorrhoids are a few signs of an unhealthy colon. Colon health is essential to the effective functioning of the digestive system and the prevention of intestinal disease. The following review of Colovexus provides detailed information on this product and its ability to detox and cleanse the colon of harmful toxins. Use of this product requires users to follow a two-step process and therefore two separate bottles with differing ingredients are provided per purchase.


The two-step process of using this product is accompanied by two separate capsule bottles with differing ingredients. These can be seen below:

Advanced Fiber Complex Ingredients

  • Fiberson-2
  • Linum Life
  • Psyllium
  • Viscofiber
  • Litesse
  • Corowise
  • Buckwheat Fiber
  • Apple Pectin
  • Vitaberry

Digestive Support Complex Ingredients

  • Vitamin C
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Vitamin E
  • Dandelion Root
  • Açai
  • Milk Thistle

This product contains several beneficial substances for colon health. The inclusion of 6 patented ingredients is an appealing selling point. This dual-action solution promotes long-term intestinal health which is a positive benefit of this product. However, this product lacks several beneficial colon cleansing ingredients used in alternative products on the market. These include Prunes, Glucomannan and Mangosteen. These should be considered prior to purchase.


The manufacturer recommends that three (3) capsules of both Advanced Fiber Complex and Digestive Support Complex should be consumed per day. They do not stipulate at which time or whether or not these supplements should be taken with/without meals. The manufacturer does not provide quantities of the ingredients used and therefore it is difficult for us to assess the strength of this dosage.


A 30-day supply of this product can be purchased from the Colovexus online store for $39.99, This is reduced from the listed price of $87.99. $5.95 shipping applies to this purchase. While this does offer a substantial saving on the listed price, this product is extremely expensive when compared to alternatives on the market. For optimal saving, the manufacturer offers bulk-buy deals. A 60-day supply can be bought online for $64.99 and a 90-day supply can be bought online for $89.99.


The efficacy of this product is supported by a 100% money-back guarantee. However, the return policy is not clearly stipulated. This raises concerns regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of applying for a refund. Positive testimonials can be seen on the manufacturer’s website but it is important to note that these have been screened by management to ensure a positive image of the product is presented. A number of negative reviews have surfaced on third-party sites. Customers have reported that this product failed to deliver desired results and this brings its efficacy to question.

Conclusion – Colovexus

This powerful formula contains several beneficial ingredients for an effective colon cleanse. The inclusion of patented ingredients bodes well for the efficacy of this product. However, this formula comes at a cost. This product is significantly more expensive than alternative products on the market. While a guarantee backs its effectiveness, negative customer reviews suggest that this product may not be effective in producing desired results. For these reasons, we cannot recommend this product.

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