ASquared Nutrition CoQ10 Supplement to Boost Energy

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There were several things we liked about ASquared Nutrition CoQ10. The product contains a high level of CoQ10 at 400mg per capsule. We like that the company had a 30 day return policy

ASquared Nutrition CoQ10 Review

Today we are reviewing the product ASquared Nutrition CoQ10. This is a dietary supplement which is designed to improve your energy levels, improve the health of your cardiovascular system and to increase your stamina. Read on to see if the supplement can live up to the expectations.


This supplement contains pure coenzyme Q10. It is lacking the ingredient Bioperine (Black pepper extract) which can help you absorb CoQ10 more effectively. With this key ingredient missing we are concerned that you won’t be able to absorb the CoQ10 as effectively as other products that do offer this ingredient in their supplement.


Take one 400mg capsule daily, preferably with a meal. It is not stated on the website nor label if you should take the pill in the morning or evening or if in fact it makes no difference. One dose of 400mg is a relatively high dose compared to other similar supplements on the market who generally offer no more than 250mg per day. We are concerned that at this level of dosage, the CoQ10 might actually be causing harm rather than doing good. This supplement is not recommended for use if you are pregnant or nursing. The capsules contain gelatin so unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans.


On the company website, one 200 count bottle of ASquared Nutrition CoQ-10 costs $39.99. Shipping is free. The bulk purchase options enable you to purchase 2 bottles with a 10% discount ($3.99), 3 bottles will get a 15% discount ($5.99) and 4 or more bottles purchased entitles you to a 20% discount ($7.98).


The manufacturer offers a 30 day money-back guarantee. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it, and in the original packaging.

Conclusion – ASquared Nutrition CoQ10

There were several things we liked about ASquared Nutrition CoQ10. The product contains a high level of CoQ10 at 400mg per capsule. We like that the company had a 30 day return policy, and that shipping is free on all purchases. We also liked the bulk purchase options and the fact that one bottle alone contained 200 pills for only $39.99 which is well priced. On the negative side we were somewhat concerned that 400mg per capsule of CoQ10 might be an excessive amount per serving. This is based on our research of the market and seeing that most companies recommend a maximum of 250mg per day of CoQ10 and that more than this amount can be harmful. It is also lacking Bioperine (black pepper extract), a key ingredient which aids absorption of CoQ10, and found in many competitor brands of this supplement. With this ingredient missing, it’s possible that the CoQ10 will be not as well absorbed. The capsules are made using gelatin so unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans. Regarding the 30 day return guarantee, it is insufficient in length to allow you to know if the product is working for you or not and therefore not so useful, and it doesn’t allow for returns of opened bottles of pills. For these reasons we are not recommending ASquared Nutrition CoQ10 today.

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