Nature's Bounty CoQ10 Supplement for Cardiovascular Health

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Nature’s Bounty CoQ10 has a potential of being an effective product, considering that it contains CoQ10, which is known to be effective in supporting the heart, liver and pancreas health.

Nature’s Bounty CoQ10 Review

This is our review for a product called Nature’s Bounty CoQ10, a dietary supplement that is designed to support cardiovascular health, and restore COQ10 levels in individuals who are using Statin medication. Statin medication reduces COQ10 levels in the body. This supplement on the other hand helps with replenishing the depleted levels. The manufacturer claims that their CoQ10 is sourced from yeast fermentation and not from tobacco as it is with some CoQ10 products.


  • Calories
  • Calories from fat
  • Q-Sob Coenzyme Q10

Q-Sob Coenzyme Q10 is also referred to as CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q 10. It is known as very effective in supporting cardiovascular health. It helps the important organs such as the heart, pancreas, liver and kidneys in the production of energy, which then improves the way that these organs function. We could not find any information on the benefits of calories as ingredients in a product. It is unusual that calories are listed as ingredients in supplement facts. They are usually listed under nutrition information, and not in supplements facts as it is with Nature’s Bounty CoQ10.

Other ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Titanium Dioxide Color, Soy Lecithin, and Vegetable Glycerine


Take one softgel with meals every day.


Nature’s Bounty CoQ10 is available online from third-party retailers. The price differs per retailer, according to the amount of softgels in a bottle and the milligrams of each softgel. 39 capsules (400mg) cost between $17.99 and $22.99; 60 capsules (100mg) cost between $18.99 and $23.99; and 80 capsules (200mg) cost between $20.99 and $24.99.


We searched through the entire manufacturer’s website for information on their guarantee, but we did not find any. It appears that they do not have one, which is not good for consumers as they run the risk of losing money and not benefiting from the product. The lack of guarantee gives an impression that the manufacturer is not confident about their product.

Conclusion – Nature’s Bounty CoQ10

Nature’s Bounty CoQ10 has a potential of being an effective product, considering that it contains CoQ10, which is known to be effective in supporting the heart, liver and pancreas health. It could also be beneficial for individuals who are on Statin medication. Even though this is the case with CoQ10 generally, we are not sure about this particular product because of few concerns that we have. Firstly, we do not understand the reason“Calories” and “Calories from fat” are listed under supplement facts as these are supposed to be under nutritional information. This indicates a limited knowledge of the manufacturer about rules of labeling, which makes us wonder if this is the only mistake that they have made with the information supplied.  Secondly, the measurements of the capsules and quantity could confuse some consumers when trying to buy their supplements. We find it unnecessary to have three different sizes of the capsules, and have three different quantities at the same time. Lastly, the lack of guarantee is a big concern as it means that the customer is not protected. If they buy the product and it does not work for them, they will lose their money and not get reimbursed. We recommend that you buy a product that is supported by a money-back guarantee and one that has clear and trustworthy information.

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