Vimerson Health COQ10 Ubiquinone Supplement for Cardiovascular Health

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There is no doubt that a daily dose of this vital coenzyme will assist with proper cell functioning and heart health in particular throughout the body.

Vimerson Health COQ10 Ubiquinone Review

Chances are, if you have a health condition, you’ve heard of Coenzyme Q10. It is essential in the body for numerous daily actions such as digestive health and regular, healthy heartbeats. It also acts as an antioxidant, helping the body against aging. If you are looking to protect your heart from the natural degeneration that comes with age, you need to supplement your diet with COQ10. After 40, this natural nutrient is produced less and less in the body. Today’s review focuses on COQ10 by Vimerson Health, a product that allows you to ingest this essential coenzyme in capsule form daily.

Besides helping to manage digestive health, aging and most of all heart health, COQ10 is also used by many individuals to aid with a number of other conditions. These include heart arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis and congestive heart failure, high blood pressure.

Inflammatory conditions such as breast cancer, diabetes and viruses are also aided immensely by this co-enzyme, both when it comes to prevention and management.

Vimerson asserts that their product will help to support healthy brain function, aid digestion, promote cell energy, promote skin health, help you keep blood pressure stable and promote strong heart muscle.


  • Co-enzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) 200mg.
  • Rice bran
  • Vegetable cellulose

The last 2 ingredients comprise the vegetarian capsule. The product is dairy, gluten and soy free and free from synthetic substances.

Research has shown that Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) or Ubiquinone, a fat-soluble benzoquinone, can decrease the severity of heart conditions, help make heart rhythm regular and control blood pressure. On a day-to-day basis, it helps maintain healthy cell function. As such, a lack thereof has far-reaching consequences for the body. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps cells fend off free radicals. These are the toxins and pollutants that damage the cells and not only cause aging, but can lead to cancerous formations.

This is a good dose of COQ10 at 200mg. The dosage prescribe medically can be as high as 2400 mg for severe deficiencies but a dosage of over 250 mg per serving would only be prescribed by a doctor.


Take 1 capsule daily 30 minutes before meals with a full glass of water. It is safe to use if you are over 18. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, only proceed on the advice of your doctor. The same applies if you are taking other supplements or are already receiving treatment for a mitochondrial-related disease, for example. Do not overdose, as you could develop low blood pressure.

Side effects are uncommon. They could include nausea, loss of appetite and stomach upset problems. Discontinue use if this occurs. If you are receiving drugs related to chemotherapy, note that this co-enzyme may lessen the effect of those drugs.


On the product website, 30 capsules retails for $19.30. It does appear that there are bigger quantity bottles with discounts available, nor are there other bulk deals available.


A 30-day returns policy is in place. Should you not feel the improved health effects within 1 month, you can get a full refund. Shipping is for your own cost though.

Conclusion – Vimerson Health COQ10 Ubiquinone

There is no doubt that a daily dose of this vital coenzyme will assist with proper cell functioning and heart health in particular throughout the body. The manufacturer’s confidence is backed by a 30-day guarantee. A longer trial period would have been preferred as the effects will depend on the existing quality of your health, but this is a good start nonetheless.

The product is free of allergens and as such minimizes the risk of reactions and side effects, which is another plus. This is one of the reasons the product scores positive consumer reviews. We do note though that it contains about 20% less than the highest dose available. You may want to consider a product with a slightly higher daily intake value, depending on your age and how advanced your heart-related and other conditions are.

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