Apex Vitality Forskolin Supplement for Weight Loss

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We are big advocates of promoting the health benefits of forskolin as a safe, natural weight loss tool that can also help promote lean tissue building.

Apex Vitality Forskolin Review

Do you feel pressured to look a certain way because of mass media promoting the ‘perfect body’? Well, frankly you shouldn’t have to and losing weight or becoming a healthier version of yourself should not be daunting.

Dedication to nutrition and your diet are always going to be the main factors in how you look and feel but sometimes we need an extra push in the right direction. Coleus Forskholii is a popular supplement that many people use for its apparent fat burning potential, so today we are going to review the product Apex Vitality Forskolin.

The manufacturer claims it can burn unwanted fat and also prevent new fat cells from being stored. Let us begin by looking at the ingredients.


Coleus forskohlii is the only ingredient that we can see advertised on the manufacturer’s webpage. Apex Vitality Forskolin is taken from the Coleus Forskohlii plant that is commonly found in India.

The company claims that this ingredient is particularly good at burning belly fat but there is no science to prove that this is possible.


Apex Vitality Forskolin provides 125 mg per dosage and should be taken in the morning for best effect. This way one can control your appetite and suppress hunger in between meal times.

This dosage is very low compared to some other products which offer as high as 500mg of forskolin extract.


It does not seem that you can buy a one-time purchase of this product from the manufacturer’s website as the website tempts us into signing up for a free trial bottle that is apparently risk free. You have to be very careful with the small print on these offers as they are usually too good to be true.

The terms and conditions explains that if you don’t cancel this free trial within 14 days you will be charged $74.99 for the bottle you received. You will then also be signed up to their automatic shipping program where you will be billed $84.98 (including shipping) each month and be automatically sent a bottle. This is very expensive for a product of this kind.


We could not see any guarantees for this product. The trial bottle is also only free if you sign up with credit card details to be sent a bottle every month.

You have only 14 days to return a product and still have to pay shipping fees for receiving and returning. You can also only return closed bottles.

Conclusion – Apex Vitality Forskolin

We are big advocates of promoting the health benefits of forskolin as a safe, natural weight loss tool that can also help promote lean tissue building. However, there seems to a lot of risk with buying this product including giving your personal information in order to receive a free bottle – which is not really free as you will be charged for it after 14 days. The dosage is also lower than other products but the price is much higher. There is no explanation for why the price is so high. Reviews have also been negative from what we have seen. There are much better products available on the market that are less risky to try.

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