Genetic Solutions Forskolin-50 Supplement for Weight Loss

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Overall, this product seems to be a decent product for weight loss. It contains only a single ingredient, making it safe to use.

Genetic Solutions Forskolin-50 Review

Our success with fat loss or fat gain can be down to many different things but answers seem few and far between considering supplements that actually work.

Gaining weight can lead to hormonal imbalances and make some people feel depressed. Our genetics play a role in the severity of our weight gain problems but for people trying to lose weight safely – we found Genetic Solutions Forskolin-50.

Is it safe? Can you expect good results? What does it actually do? Carry on reading our review of Genetic Solutions Forskolin-50 to answer some of these questions.


The only ingredient found in this product is Coleus Forskohlii extract (standardized to 50mg of active Forskolin). This supplement contains 250mg of forskolin extract per serving. Forskolin has an impact on Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate which is essential for regular hormone balance.

Forskolin can also increase the oxidation of fat and promote the growth of lean body mass. Some studies have even shown that it could benefit bone density. Genetic Solutions also claim that forskolin can dilate blood vessels which will lower blood pressure.


The label states to take this tablet once or twice per day. Based on other products, it seems that taking the two-tablet dosage would yield better results. The manufacturer does not explain under what conditions you should take one tablet a day and when you should take two tablets.


The current price of Forskolin-50 from Genetic Solutions is $59.99 for 60 capsules. We find this to be quite expensive compared to other competitor brands available for sale on the market. The manufacturer also does not provide any options to buy in bulk and save money. As this is a product that you will be taking long term, not having any options to save money is a real drawback.


There are no guarantees available for Forskolin-50 from Genetic Solutions. However, the company provides an offer where consumers can send their email address to the company to see if they qualify for a free bottle.

We are unsure of the full terms and conditions of this offer. It would be wise to contact the company before giving over your details.

Conclusion – Genetic Solutions Forskolin-50

Overall, this product seems to be a decent product for weight loss. It contains only a single ingredient, making it safe to use. However, the dosage may be a bit low if you only take one tablet a day. The manufacturer has not explained the difference between taking one tablet a day and taking two. The price is also quite high for a product of this kind and there are no special offers to help you save money. The manufacturer also does not provide any money-back guarantees for if you are unhappy with results, which means that this product is a financial risk. We think you should look at other products on the market that come backed with a money-back guarantee which also shows the level of confidence the manufacturer has in their product.

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