Nutra Beauty Nutrition Forskolin Extract Supplement for Weight Loss

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Most studies do indicate the viable link between forskolin intake and weight loss. The good serving concentration of forskolin, especially at the recommended manufacturer dose of 100 mg

Nutra Beauty Nutrition Forskolin Extract Review

Forskolin? If you’re new to this compound, it is contained in the root of an ayurvedic herb called coleus forskohlii. The inhabitants of Nepal, India and south-east Asia have known about it for centuries. They have used the plant itself to help with everything from heart conditions, to blood pressure and brittle bone issues, to lung impediments such as asthma and more. In the west though, this mint family plant is loved for its links to weight management and increased metabolism. This is thanks to forskolin, a testosterone-containing compound. As a result, typically, men see faster weight loss than women, but there are health benefits for both genders. Testosterone stimulates the break down and release of fatty cell deposits in the body.

Today we review this formula, Forskolin Extract Pure Coleus Forskohli 250 mg, as manufactured by Nutra Beauty Nutrition. It is designed to help with releasing fatty acids from adipose tissue, which results in increased thermogenesis. This means less body fat as a result and, at least in theory, more lean body mass. Lean body mass is good news for the metabolism – even at rest, your muscles require much more fuel to keep going than fatty residue.


Each serving of one capsule contains:

  • 250 mg coleus forskohlii root extract, standardized to 20% of forskolin. Each capsuled therefore contains 50 mg forskolin
  • Cellulose
  • Rice flour

This formula contains no synthetic ingredients or preservatives. It is free allergens, including soy, eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, soy and shellfish.

The 50 mg forskolin concentration is the recommended average dose – as with anything, too much of a good thing can be bad. You could double even this dose, although in our research we come across very few products with 20% of 500 mg, for example. When considering very high doses beyond this, you should discuss it with your doctor first, as headaches, low blood pressure and digestive ailments can ensue.

The fact that each serving contains the recommended dose is optimal. It means you need only take one capsule a day to start seeing the intended results.


Take one tablet twice a day, 30 minutes before your meal. Swallow it with a big glass of water. Store it where children do not have access to it. If you are taking drugs for an ailment, especially chronic drugs, speak to your doctor first so that the interaction with forskolin can be monitored. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, also proceed after getting the medical go ahead from your physician. Do not exceed this dosage.


At $9.95 per bottle on the manufacturer website, this is one of the most low-priced forskolin supplements, especially given the serving size. One bottle could last you 2 months instead of one – many consumers report success on a single serving regimen per day. Overall, this price point represents good value for money.


We made every effort to look for a returns policy when researching this review but we found no evidence of a money-back guarantee. The manufacturer does make several quality guarantees but there is seemingly no mention of a refund under any circumstances.

Conclusion – Nutra Beauty Nutrition Forskolin Extract

Most studies do indicate the viable link between forskolin intake and weight loss. The good serving concentration of forskolin, especially at the recommended manufacturer dose of 100 mg (2 capsules) of forskolin per day, would in theory lead to good results. The results should be more noticeable than with other supplements. Curiously, we did struggle to find consumer reviews for this product – but the supplement does seem to move off the virtual shop shelves on the website quite quickly.

The supplement is vegetarian friendly and free from fillers and binders. Along with the low price, this does mean you should be getting your money’s worth. Nutra Beauty also does seem to specialize in forskolin supplements, as they manufacture a few variations. The one drawback is that there does not seem to be a guarantee. Usually, we would not recommend products not backed by a guarantee. However, in this case, the extraction percentage is so good and the price so competitive, that you may want to try one bottle first before buying in bulk. Alternatively, look for a 100 mg forskolin dose available in one or 2 capsules per day, that comes with a good guarantee. Even if you pay double for it, that would still be good value – this supplement just happens to have a super-low price point.

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