Naturo Sciences Garcinia Cambogia Supplement for Weight Loss

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This product is all natural and although not explicitly stated, there should be no additives or allergens. Whereas some products do not come with anything to enhance bioavailability

Naturo Sciences Garcinia Cambogia Review

Need to shift those few extra pounds? Whether it’s because it impacts on lifestyle or health, your quality of life decreases with every 5 to 10 extra pounds of weight you are carrying. Given the monumental shift to healthier eating and nutritional patterns, it’s hardly surprising that the supplement market is awash with weight loss products of natural origin. Today we review one of them, namely Garcinia Cambogia as manufactured by Naturo Sciences.

Garcinia or tamarind fruit is a small fruit resembling a pumpkin native to south-east Asia and India. The skin or rind of the product contains an active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which research has linked to weight loss. HCA potentially works by inhibiting the enzyme that contributes to fat cell formation. It has also been linked to appetite suppression by increasing serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel positive and sated.

This product contains 1000 mg Garcinia Cambogia per serving. This HCA contained in the tamarind fruit is not stored as sugar, which would then contribute to fat reserves when not used. Instead, it is converted into glycogen in the liver and dispatched to the muscles and other hard-working organs where it can be more readily burned as fuel for the body.


Each capsule contains:

The potassium in this formula aids the absorption of the tamarind fruit, and consequently its effectiveness. This is an average dose of Garcinia. What is more important to know is the ratio of the tamarind fruit in mg to the percentage of HCA extracted, and Naturo Sciences sets this percentage at 60% HCA.

The manufacturer says that their formula may suppress appetite, will help you cleanse and detoxify, and can lead to weight loss. To achieve weight loss, you need to follow a sensible diet and increase the amount of exercise you do. The manufacturer is therefore not warranting that taking this product in isolation will lead to losing pounds. This makes sense, as weight loss magic formulas by and large do no exist – you have to consume fewer calories either by eating less, or burning off more.


The manufacturer recommends that as an adult, you take one serving per day, preferably 20 minutes before your largest meal. You may increase your dosage but do not exceed 6 tablets per day. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as children under 18, should consult a doctor before proceeding.

A medically appropriate safe range concerning a dose for Garcinia has not yet been established. Even though the product is all natural, you can experience side effects if you take too much. Nausea, digestive problems and headaches are the main side effects reported.


Each bottle contains 90 tables. On Amazon, you’ll pay $11.97 for 1 bottle, $17.97 for 2 bottles, and $26.97 for 3 bottles. There are therefore discounts by volume.


You have 30 days within which to return the product for financial reimbursement of the cost should you not be happy. However, only defective or damaged goods qualify for a return. That means if you use the product and are simply unhappy with the result, you won’t be refunded.

Conclusion – Naturo Sciences Garcinia Cambogia

This product is all natural and although not explicitly stated, there should be no additives or allergens. Whereas some products do not come with anything to enhance bioavailability, these tablets do. It is good that there are incremental discounts for volume, seeing as though you need to use Garcinia on an ongoing basis to see any weight loss effects.

The actual HCA percentage of 60% is quite low though compared to some other products. We would recommend a 90% or above ratio of HCA concentration for a Garcinia Cambogia product in order for it to be effective. This is due to the fact that the results will be gradual to begin with, so a product without a meaningful percentages of HCA is bound to lack effect. An important factor to consider is that the returns policy lacks real effect. You have no way therefore of testing the product to see if it works with your biorhythms and asking for a refund. If you’re a first time Garcinia buyer, this may be especially risky.

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