Smith and Smith’s Gout Care Supplement for Gout Pain

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The product GC claims to help gout sufferers, and it is supported by a money-back guarantee. There are discounts offered on the purchase of this particular dietary supplement.

Smith and Smith’s Gout Care Review

The product Gout Care, also called GC, is stated by its manufacturer to prevent uric acid build up. The manufacturer of this particular treatment product claims that a gout sufferer can, with the aid of this dietary supplement, continue with old eating habits. In this review, this product and these claims will be examined.


The active ingredients included in this dietary supplement’s formula are:

  • Aged garlic
  • Yucca stalk
  • Turmeric
  • Milk thistle
  • Artichoke powder

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps support a healthy cardiovascular system. This spice, together with milk thistle, helps to protect the liver against toxins, stimulating new cell growth. Yucca and garlic cleanse the blood, with yucca also helping to metabolize minerals. Garlic helps to protect against infections. Lastly, artichoke powder aids the production of bile, and enhances digestion. Although this formula contains known curative ingredients for gout, it lacks the following elements: tart cherry, folic acid, dandelion, and rutin, all known to be truly effective.


The dosage recommendation from the manufacturer of this treatment is three (3) capsules daily (morning, noon, evening), but four (4) capsules for those who weigh over 175 pounds. These capsules may be taken with or without food. For a gout flare-up, a  five day cleansing diet should be followed while taking this product.


The manufacturer sells this dietary supplement product on their website at $22.95 (discounted from $24.95) for a 90-capsule bottle. Alternatively, there are two (2) other bulk offers online. Three (3) bottles cost $66.00 and six (6) bottles cost $126.00.


The manufacturer of this gout treatment product states that they offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the product is returned within 100 days, but only if one percent of the capsules have been used. However, our research found that this guarantee policy does not apply to a 90-day supply, since these have a 90-day only return time. In addition, with any return, a 20% restocking fee will be charged. More so, this guarantee is only applicable on a customer’s first purchase, as the second purchase does not carry a guarantee.

Conclusion – Gout Care

The product GC claims to help gout sufferers, and it is supported by a money-back guarantee. There are discounts offered on the purchase of this particular dietary supplement.

However, the guarantee itself is not simple and clear to grasp: it is complex and slightly misleading. More so, this guarantee is only applicable to the first purchase. Any purchases thereafter will not be covered. Of greater concern is the formula itself. This dietary supplement treatment product lacks many ingredients known to reduce gout. Four ingredients are notably absent, one being tart cherry extract. This substance help to reduce pain associated with gout, lowering uric acid, which prevents future attacks. Therefore, with other similar dietary supplements on the market offering a better mix, a more consumer-centric guarantee, it seems sensible to opt for those products rather than this dietary supplement aimed at treating gout.

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