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CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract seems to be a good product as it has a healthy dosage and it can be used without much fear of side effects.

Life Extension CoffeeGenic Review

This review is for a product called CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract by Life Extension. This product aims to help people who encounter blood sugar spikes after meals or generally suffer from high blood sugar related symptoms. Raw unroasted coffee beans, also called green coffee beans, is the revelation of the last few decades as far as sugar control is concerned. This also helps with weight management as it helps to control cravings.

This natural substance contains a number of ingredients which assists the body in how it handles glucose and also delivers a number of general body benefits including better focus and reduced blood pressure.


The ingredient contained in CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract is only green coffee extract containing 50% chlorogenic acid. This supplement contains caffeine.

Chlorogenic acid is able to achieve a higher rate of fat burning by reducing the activity of glucose-6-phosphatase, an enzyme whose job is to cause the formation of glucose from stored fat and glycogen. Furthermore, chlorogenic acid reduces the effect of the other glucose-causing enzyme called alpha-glucosidase whose precise function is to break down complex sugars and help them get absorbed by the body.

Caffeine is another component that has been shown to help the body reduce its tendency to build up fat. Caffeine also boosts memory and concentration and reduces the risk of kidney stones among several other benefits.

Thus green coffee extract can be called the ultimate body fat killer as chlorogenic acid helps the body dispense of its excess blood sugar while caffeine prevents excessive intake and this gives you that desired lean look in no time.


We have established that the recommended dosage is one capsule before every heavy meal with a maximum of three capsules per day. There is the same amount of caffeine in each serving as a quarter cup of coffee, which is something to keep in mind if caffeine affects you.


CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract can be purchased online for $32.00. Life Extension has a 25% discount on this product thus shoppers can buy it for $24.00. You can also buy four bottles of the product for $21.00 each. There is also a VIP Autoship offer which will give you a 34% total discount on the product.


After a careful perusal of the product’s web page, we could not locate any guarantee or refund policy for the product. This is quite strange as it is widely expected that products should have guarantees from their manufacturers and this could point to a lack of faith in its efficacy on the part of the manufacturer.

Life Extension CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract Review – Conclusion

CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract seems to be a good product as it has a healthy dosage and it can be used without much fear of side effects. Its price of $24.00 for 90 capsules is also competitive and a fair price when compared with the others green coffee supplements.

Nonetheless, the lack of guarantee for the product leaves much to be desired. Moreso, a number of really negative reviews are also an indicator that this product might not deliver results to everyone.

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