What Makes The Best Prostate Supplement?

What Makes The Best Prostate Supplement?

An enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), can be a major health risk. The most prominent concern is that the condition can lead to cancer. In fact, prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer among men in the US. You can read more statistics about it here. As a result, the prostate is generally an uncomfortable topic of discussion for men. However, this should not be the case. Discussions about the condition should be had, and men, young and old, should know more about the prostate and effective remedies for BPH.

One of the most popular means of supporting prostate health is consuming quality health supplements. Finding the right healthcare supplement can seem like an impossible task. After all, there are thousands of options to choose from. However, it is extremely important that you spend time searching for an effective product. This could mean the difference between a supplement that proves to be a waste of money and one which can be an ideal remedy for the discomforting condition. There are major distinctions between the top 5 prostate supplements and the lesser known options. In this article, we will outline more information regarding prostate health and factors making up the best prostate supplement. Consequently, we will help you save time and money when searching for one of the top 5 prostate supplements on the market.

But before we can take a look at the qualities that make the best prostate supplement, we need to understand more about the prostate.

What is the Prostate?

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The prostate is an important part of the male reproductive system. It is a small gland that is found in front of the rectum, below your bladder. The prostate surrounds part of the male urethra – a thin tube that carries pee from the bladder. Regularly, it is about the size of a walnut. However, it grows with age. This can lead to uncomfortable symptoms and even disease. While this is not always the case, one in nine men will suffer from BPH as a result of an enlarged prostate. The prostate is essential for optimal male reproductive functioning. It’s mainly responsible for secreting an alkaline fluid that constitutes 30% of the volume of semen that releases during ejaculation. By promoting the alkalinity of the semen, the prostate gland neutralizes the acidity of the vaginal tract. This, in turn, keeps the semen healthy and alive during ejaculation. Prostate health is, therefore, critical to overall vitality and wellbeing. Irregularities can cause pain and even hinder the sexual experience.

The Risk of it Growing

The prostate gland grows with age. This is a natural process and often it doesn’t cause any adverse effects. However, a growing prostate can affect the body in many discomforting ways. It can grow up to the size of an apricot, or even a lemon. This is bound to have a consequence on surrounding organs.

Because the prostate surrounds the urethra, it can put immense pressure on the tube when it begins to grow. It can squeeze the tube of the urethra and make it exceptionally painful to pee. Symptoms of a swollen prostate can become more severe. It can become painful to sit down, the urinary stream can become weak, urination can start and stop rapidly, and you may find it difficult to begin urinating. These are only a few of the negative side effects. But, of primary concern are the complications that poor prostate health can lead to. Here are some of the more extreme risks:

  • Bladder stones: Failure to completely empty the bladder can lead to bladder stones. These can cause infections, irritation, and obstruction.
  • Urinary retention: Urine cannot be completely emptied. A tube will need to be inserted to drain the urine from the bladder.
  • Kidney damage: Bladder infections from urinary retention can spread to the kidneys.

Symptoms generally occur later on in life. Most cases are when a male is over 50 years old. However, it can be seen in younger men. Having said that, the aforementioned conditions do not always occur. Consuming one of the best prostate supplement products can alleviate potential negative conditions.

Who is Affected?

BPH is an unpreventable condition. It is extremely common and there are a few factors which contribute to the likeliness of you suffering from it, such as age and family history. Statistics showcase the following harsh realities:

  • 8 out of 10 men will, at some point in their life, suffer from a swollen prostate.
  • Approximately 30% of men will suffer from severely uncomfortable side effects.
  • 90% of men over the age of 85 will experience BPH.

Although you may not be able to prevent BPH, supplements can reduce the swelling of the prostate gland. This can minimize the impact of the negative symptoms we will outline in more detail below.

What are the Symptoms?

Here are a few of the common symptoms which may indicate that you suffer from poor prostate health. Hence, it would be wise to invest in the best prostate supplement.

  • Suffering from the urge to urinate frequently
  • Complications trying to begin urinating
  • A weak urine stream that starts and stops
  • Unable to completely empty the bladder during urination
  • UTI (urinary tract infection)
  • Blood in the urine

But can the best prostate supplement really help? Let’s find out.

Can the Best Prostate Supplement Help?

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Nutritional supplements are an efficient means of sourcing essential nutrients that can combat deficiencies and encourage optimal bodily function. Subsequently, they can support overall health and vitality.

Prostate supplements are no different. They include important ingredients which prevent the onset of discomforting symptoms associated with poor prostate health. Therefore, they may prove an effective means for combatting BPH.

Having said that, not all products are created equally. In order to find the best prostate supplement, you need to consider a few key factors. From formula to manufacturer support, there are selling points which set the top 5 prostate supplements apart from the rest of the competition. These supplements are more likely to deliver effective relief from symptoms as they are clinically proven to do so. In saying so, purchasing the right prostate supplement will mean the difference between discomforting side effects and effective results.

But, what makes up the best prostate supplement? We will outline the main factors you should take into consideration before committing to a purchase.

What Ingredients are in the Best Prostate Supplement?

The following ingredients can be found in the best products on the market. Prostate supplements should contain a few of these, if not all. Furthermore, it is essential that you purchase a product which contains clinically proven patented ingredients. Patented ingredients are well-researched and their results are documented. They highlight the formula’s ability to deliver on the manufacturer’s bold claims. This is essential as marketers will make any sort of statement to incite a purchase. Ensuring that your chosen formula contains most of these ingredients, a patented ingredient, and an optimal concentration of the key ingredient will allow you to get the most bang for your buck. Without further ado, here are the key ingredients in the best prostate supplement:

Saw Palmetto

Photo of Saw Palmetto Plant

There are many claims regarding the use of saw palmetto for alleviating symptoms of a swollen prostate. In fact, recent studies suggest that it offers the following essential benefits:

  • Increases in peak urinary flow.
  • Significant improvements in the IPSS (International Prostate Symptom Score).
  • Decreases in prostate volume.

This effective ingredient is a natural remedy derived from the American dwarf palm tree. The use of natural ingredients is becoming more popular than ever. This is due to the fact that they can offer efficacious results without the uncomfortable side effects of synthetic alternatives. Therefore, the best prostate supplement will definitely include saw palmetto. You should be on the lookout for no less than 200 mg of it per dosage for ideal relief from symptoms.


Beta-Sitosterol is a substance found within many plants. It is a cholesterol-like substance that doesn’t actually act like cholesterol. In fact, it is responsible for preventing the activity of an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase. This enzyme has an impact on male testosterone and may contribute to the swelling of the prostate. By inhibiting its activity, this ingredient can minimize the impact of discomforting symptoms. Its primary role is to encourage regular urine frequency and ideal flow of urine. Clinical studies highlight its efficacy in preventing symptoms of BPH. In these studies, a large group of men took either beta-sitosterol or a placebo. Those who took the substance showed significant improvements in their BPH symptoms. You can read a more in-depth description of these studies here. This bodes well for the efficacy of supplements that include it and is the reason why the best prostate supplement will contain Beta-Sitosterol.


Pygeum Bark for Prostate

Pygeum is another critical ingredient shown to reduce symptoms associated with BPH. This herbal remedy is a derivative of the bark of the African cherry tree. The fact that it is natural makes it an ideal ingredient for those wanting to avoid negative side effects. The ingredient has been used to treat bladder complications for thousands of years.

Recently, its popularity can be seen in the fact that it is found within the best prostate supplement. This is because of the effective relief it can provide. Studies highlight its ability to improve urinary flow, reduce urine left in the bladder, and regulate urinary frequency.

These ingredients will feature in the best prostate supplement formula. However, they can also be found in some of the ineffective ones too. Accordingly, there are several extremely important factors to consider before committing to a purchase. We will outline these in more detail below.

What Other Factors Make the Best Prostate Supplement?

Besides ensuring that the formula contains clinically proven ingredients, it is wise to check out the manufacturer’s certifications of quality and purity. For example, a cGMP certification is awarded to companies that comply with quality manufacturing guidelines. FDA approval is given to brands that prove to be of a high standard. Compliance with the US Pharmacopeia standards of quality and purity sets companies apart. This is because these certifications assure customers that every product lives up to manufacturer claims, will not deliver harmful side effects, and that the business practices involved are ethical. Furthermore, claims that the product is vegan-friendly and animal-cruelty free should be apparent. Especially in our day and age.

Beyond the manufacturing practices, the manufacturer themselves should offer ample customer support. Quality customer support is an indication of their commitment to overall customer wellbeing. Therefore, it instills confidence in the quality of the manufacturer and their products. Good customer service includes an easily and readily available team. A contact number should be very clear. Furthermore, the manufacturer should offer a lengthy money-back guarantee. The best prostate supplement will have a minimum of a 30-day guarantee. This suggests that the manufacturer is confident in the product’s ability to deliver on claims. Furthermore, it provides customer assurance.

The top 5 prostate supplements will not cost you an arm and a leg. Yes, their formulas will be slightly pricier than cheaper alternatives. However, they won’t be priced out of the market. The best companies will ensure that consumption is possible by providing affordable bulk-buy options. Major discounts allow customers to use the product long-term. This is ideal as results are not instant. Prolonged use is the most effective means of consuming prostate health supplements.

Are there Any Other Methods of Treatment?

Besides health supplements, there are a few other ways to treat a swollen prostate, though they may not be as effective and/or affordable. Here are a few of them below:

  • Change in lifestyle: Instilling healthy habits now can prevent the formation of BPH. Cutting back on alcohol and caffeine can be very beneficial.
  • Surgery: In more severe cases, men may be able to undergo surgery to reduce the size of the prostate. There are, of course, risks associated with this so it would be wise to consult your health practitioner.

The best prostate supplement is not hard to find, you just need to know what to look out for. This article outlines some of the key factors that make up the best options on the market. As a result, you can save time and money when browsing for an effective remedy for a swollen prostate!

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