Holy Basil Premium Review

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Holy Basil Premium is a product that seems like it is good value for money. By buying it in bulk, you can pick up bottles of it for just $16.50 apiece that can be returned if necessary

Holy Basil Premium Review

The product Holy Basil Premium is looked at in this review. This is by far, one of the greatest supplements of its kind that I have examined. This Holy Basil supplement is composed to reduce stress and to enhance concentration, clarity and focus. Additionally, it has other health benefits as it maintains healthy blood sugar levels, boosts the immune system and helps digestion. Read more below if you wish to discover what makes this such a good product.

Ingredients (in two capsules)

Holy Basil contains a chemical called ursolic acid. This acid prevents the production of stress hormones like cortisol. Cortisol negatively influences the body by weakening the immune system, increases sugar levels in the blood, and can lead to storage of fat in the belly. Ursolic acid works to block the release of such damaging hormones, maintains blood sugar at normal levels, boosts the immune system and aids digestion. The capsules of this supplement are made with vegetable cellulose meaning that they are suitable for vegetarians. There are not many supplements that take such things into account and so vegetarians have not been left out of the opportunity to benefit their health.


The dosage of this supplement of adults is a 500mg capsule taken twice a day, making a total of 1000mg daily. You should take a capsule after breakfast and after dinner with plenty of water. The dosage of Holy Basil Premium is quite high and so this should make it more effective than other inferior products of this type.

Possible Side Effects

Holy Basil Premium has no reported side effects. The only things you should be mindful of when taking this product is not to exceed the suggested dosage and that you consult a physician prior to usage if you take medication for your blood sugar.


Bottles of Holy Basil Premium can be obtained from the Holy Basil Premium website. A sixty capsule bottle, one month’s supply, costs $39. Three bottles cost $69–$23 each—while four bottles cost $79, which is just $19.75 a bottle. For $99, you can buy the best value for money by buying six bottles together, which is just $16.50 each.


A ninety-day guarantee accompanies Holy Basil Premium. Even if you buy multiple bottles at once, you can return them all regardless of their condition, whether new or opened, to get a refund. The items must be returned within ninety days of arrival to obtain a refund with the cost of shipping subtracted. While clear customer reviews are absent from the Holy Basil Premium website, there are a number of clinical studies provided. These studies show how pure holy basil extract containing 2.5% Ursolic Acid—as in Holy Basil Premium—had a positive effect on alleviating stress-related symptoms and regulating blood sugar levels. There is positive research to back up what the manufacturer has said.

Holy Basil Premium review conclusion

Holy Basil Premium is a product that seems like it is good value for money. By buying it in bulk, you can pick up bottles of it for just $16.50 apiece that can be returned if necessary so you do not end up out of pocket. The guarantee leaves a consumer with plenty of time to test the supplement and return it if they so choose. It is a product made with ingredients that you know are of the best quality because Holy Basil Premium is made within a facility with GMP Certification. There are no ingredients that have been added that might dilute the supplement and its effects. It is a high dose product that has research to support by research and clinical trials. Finally, the product is vegetarian and does not carry unpleasant side effects. This is a superior product and one that seems to be well worth using for relieving stress.

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