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Natural Wellbeing's Holy Basil (Tulsi) - Organic is a fairly priced product, backed by a guarantee, as well as BBB credentials.

Natural Wellbeing Holy Basil Review

Holy Basil (scientific name: Ocimum tenuiflorum), also known as Tulsi in its native region, is a mint-type with distinctive purple flowers. Of Indonesian origin, the plant spread all across South-East Asia, where it became extremely popular in traditional medicine, cuisine and also in religious worship. In cuisine, the plant is primarily used by the Thai. A particularly well known dish containing Holy Basil is the phat kaphrao. The plant is also held sacred by most branches of the Hindus, and is used frequently during religious ceremonies. In traditional Indian medicine, also known as Ayurveda, the plant has been used to relieve stress for a very long time. Holy Basil’s use as an adaptogen has only entered western society recently. Adaptogens generally help the body with the management of substance levels and various body-functions, which in turn, relieves stress. Holy Basil’s other beneficial medical effects have also been known to the practitioners of Ayurveda, and the plant has been used to treat symptoms ranging from various infections through fever all the way to common cold. Holy Basil’s use anti-stress effect has only entered Western common knowledge recently, and various manufacturers began selling Holy Basil extracts and Holy Basil supplements. Natural Wellbeing is one such manufacturer.


  • Organic Holy Basil Aerial Parts (Ocimum sanctum)
  • Grain Alcohol
  • Deionized Water

Something people should always look out for in any supplement or medication is the ingredients. Make sure that the formula does not contain any unnecessary fillers or binders, and is free of any artificial additives, preservatives or coloring. As you can see, this is the case here. The formula is concise, containing only the most necessary ingredients for the product to work well.


This supplement is provided in liquid form, and is to be consumed by adding drops to water or any other kind of drink. The recommended dosage is thirty to sixty drops in a glass of liquid, to be taken 2 to 3 times per day. Liquid carries the advantage over capsules, that in this case the user must not pay attention to take the dosage with a meal, as the supplement is added to a drink, and thus the beneficial effects of a more-active digestive system are a given.

Side Effects

Holy Basil is known to lower blood sugar levels, as well as interfere with fertilization, and occasionally promotes bleeding. People with very low blood-sugar levels, people taking anti-clotting medications, women trying to get pregnant and women who are pregnant are advised to avoid the use of Holy Basil. Holy Basil also carries the possibility of allergy, and some medications can interfere with it an vice versa, so make sure to consult your doctor before use.


Natural Wellbeing is offering multiple buying options, such as bundles with discounts. A 1 oz bottle costs $13.95. The more you add to a bundle, the higher the discount.


Natural Wellbeing is offering a full 90-day money-back guarantee on all of their products if the customer is dissatisfied.

Conclusion for Natural Wellbeing Holy Basil

Natural Wellbeing’s Holy Basil (Tulsi) – Organic is a fairly priced product, backed by a guarantee, as well as BBB credentials. While the product seems like a good choice, it is always a good idea to do additional research.

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