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For the most part, Pharmaca Holy Basil seems like a good product. It uses certified organic holy basil extract, as well as a few other extracts such as rosemary

Pharmaca Holy Basil Review

Are you looking for the right holy basil supplement for you? This herb, also known by its Indian name Tulsi, is packed full of health benefits. It has even been recognized as one of the healthiest herbs that you can eat. It is well known in India, where it is frequently used in cooking, as well as religious practices of Hindu. If you don’t have access to holy basil plants, however, you can always find a holy basil supplement or extract to help you gain some of the benefits of this herb. There are many different holy basil supplements, and today we’ll be looking at Pharmaca Holy Basil so you can make the most informed decision for your health.


Pharmaca Holy Basil contains three different active ingredients:

  • Holy Basil Leaf Ethanol Extract
  • Holy Basil Leaf Supercritical Extract
  • Eugenol, Carophyllene, Rosemarinic Acid, and Ursolic Acid blend

These are all natural herb extracts, mostly made from the leaf of holy basil. There are also several inactive ingredients:

These help make up the physical form of the capsule.


Pharmaca, the manufacturers of this supplement, suggest a dosage of one capsule, taking two times a day. Of course, if your healthcare professional suggests otherwise, you should always follow their instructions.

You should not take this product if you are nursing or pregnant. Keep away from children.


One bottle, which can be bought directly from the Pharmaca website, costs $16.09, although they list this as the sale price, down from $22.99. Since one bottle contains 60 capsules, this should last you about one month at the recommended dosage. This means that it is not very expensive for a holy basil supplement, making this a good choice for people who aren’t looking to spend too much money.


We could not find a guarantee offered from Pharmaca, although they do offer a return policy on any unopened but damaged products. However, if you choose to take part in this return, there are several steps you must go through. First you must contact them to get a return number, and then you must mail the product back with the return number. You will also be charged 10% for a restocking fee. This, plus the lack of a money-back guarantee, makes this company seem a little bit untrustworthy.

Pharmaca Holy Basil review conclusion

For the most part, Pharmaca Holy Basil seems like a good product. It uses certified organic holy basil extract, as well as a few other extracts such as rosemary, and it comes in a vegetarian and gluten-free capsule which makes it suitable for anyone. The price is also very fair, considering that you are getting a full month’s supply when you buy it. However, the lack of a guarantee and the complicated return policy are a little off-putting, and you may not want to buy a product from a company if you aren’t certain that you can get your money back should the product not work. If this sounds like you, you should probably try a different product.

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