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The market is inundated with health supplements, making it perplexing and difficult to choose one.

Tattva’s Herbs Holy Basil Review

Reviewed here is a product called Tattva’s Herbs Holy Basil (Tulsi) Extract. Holy basil is native to India, where it has been used for over 5,000 years for a variety of medicinal, ceremonial, and health purposes. Tulsi boasts a long list of health benefits, including helping the stress response by supporting Cortisol regulation, promoting vitality and immune function, increasing strength and stamina, bringing mental clarity and calm, and providing rich antioxidants.

Called “Tulsi” in India, Holy basil is referred to as “Queen of Herbs,” and Hindus consider it a goddess possessing great spiritual powers. As the legend goes, Krishna’s strength could not be outweighed by any sum of gold. However, the scale could be tipped by placing a single Tulsi leaf on the plate with love and devotion. Today, Tulsi can be found growing in every home, either in a pot inside or outside in the garden, where it is consumed as a delicious tea.

With the goal of learning more about the product and informing your product selection process, independent research was conducted on Tattva’s Herbs Holy Basil (Tulsi) Extract. It is important to help put this product in context of the vast array of herbal supplements for sale, many of which are sold by companies more interested in profit than their product’s effectiveness. Please read the results below to discover if Tattva’s Herbs Holy Basil (Tulsi) Extract is appropriate for you.


Each capsule includes the following ingredients:

  • Holy Basil – Carbon Dioxide Extract (Organic) (15 mg.)
  • Holy Basil – PSE Extract (Organic) (235 mg.)
  • Holy Basil – Raw Herb (200 mg.)
  • The capsule is a “K Capsule” made with cellulose and aerated silica

It should be noted that this product is not considered a medication, but rather a health supplement. This product is also vegetarian, Certified Kosher, “Cruelty Free,” and made without the use of synthetically derived additives.


Adult users are instructed to consume one capsule two times a day. The manufacturer has not listed any side effects, but instructs users to contact their doctor if they experience any reactions—allergic or otherwise—to the product.


Tattva’s Herbs Holy Basil (Tulsi) Extract is priced at $23.95.


At the time of writing this review, no assurance of quality or satisfaction was provided by the manufacturer. This is unfortunate and disappointing, since many similar products carry such guarantees in an effort to provide consumers confidence when trying an unfamiliar product.

Conclusion for Tattva’s Herbs Holy Basil

The market is inundated with health supplements, making it perplexing and difficult to choose one. To complicate things further, many products are not effective and may carry harmful side effects. This is especially true of many other Holy basil health supplements, which do not contain appropriate portions of ursolic acid or may not recommend correct dosage. This product is also not FDA inspected.

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