BestMade IBS Bio25 for IBS Relief

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We like that this product only uses natural ingredients to tame bouts of IBS. We also like that this product is widely available to purchase at 3rd party retailers


BestMade IBS Bio25 Review

Today we review IBS Bio25. This product is manufactured by BestMade and claims to eliminate acid indigestion, bloating, vomiting and gas. This product consists of natural ingredients and aims to provide effective and speedy relief when it comes to irritable bowel syndrome. If you regularly suffer from symptoms like bloating, constipation, diarrhea or gas, then it is probably a good time to start considering supplemental support. IBS affects between 6 -18% of people and can be triggered by stress, gut bacteria, spicy food and fluctuating sleep patterns.  If you want to find out if this supplement can help you to keep bouts of IBS under control, read the rest of this review below.


  • Nat Phos
  • Nat Sulf
  • Silicea

Nat Phos acts as an acid neutralizer which can help to prevent bloating, gas and general stomach cramps. This ingredient also helps to keep acid reflux in check and reduces your cravings for sugary treats. Nat Sulf is another tissue salt which eliminates excess water out of your system and also helps to remove toxins from the body. Silicea helps to relieve constipation and helps to soothe the stomach when it feels tender. This product has excellent natural ingredients to help fight off the symptoms of IBS, but it does not have any probiotics as a listed ingredient. In most IBS supplements probiotics are included, seeing as they help to balance gut flora.


It is recommended that you take 3 -5 pellets three times a day and dissolve them under your tongue. Do not use the product if the seal has already been broken. If you are pregnant, nursing or you are suffering from a serious medical condition then it is best to consult your doctor before taking this supplement.


You have the option of buying this supplement directly from the manufacturer’s website, but it is also available from other 3rd party retailers. You will pay $27.99 for one bottle.  There is also wholesale pricing available for large-scale purchasing. However, we could not find any information regarding the amount of pellets available in each bottle. So there is no way of knowing whether this product is reasonably priced or not.


We searched the manufacturer’s website but unfortunately there is no sign of a guarantee policy. This is quite unfortunate seeing as the customer will have to take a financial risk when buying this product. It also shows that the manufacturers do not place a lot of faith in the efficacy of this product.

IBS Bio25 Review – Conclusion

We like that this product only uses natural ingredients to tame bouts of IBS. We also like that this product is widely available to purchase at 3rd party retailers and even on the manufacturer’s website. However, we find the lack of probiotics in the ingredient list a bit alarming since it is an essential ingredient to help you intestinal gut flora thrive. You will also not be reimbursed if you try to return the product, seeing as this supplement does not come with a guarantee policy.

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