ElixirPure Sleep Elixir Review

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Sleep Elixir contains a variety of ingredients, proven to increase the restfulness that the user experiences. It is an all natural product, which is allergen free.

ElixirPure Sleep Elixir Review

Sleep is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Without it, our efficiency is impaired and our general mood worsens. Sleep disorders can severely affect a person’s sleep cycles, leading to overall fatigue, listlessness and even depression. There are many supplements on the market aimed to reduce the occurrence and effects of insomnia. The following is a review of ElixirPure Sleep Elixir – an all natural supplement with the goal of promoting restful sleep and combating insomnia. Sleep Elixir includes a variety of ingredients, which are aimed to act on various body systems.


Sleep Elixir includes a variety of ingredients, each with clinically associated properties. The vitamins and minerals (B6, magnesium and zinc) mostly help tissues in the body to relax and may help to increase melatonin absorption. Zinc is also involved in many normal body processes such as muscle growth and food digestion. The amino acids (L-theanine, L-tryptophan and GABA) act in the brain on a variety of neurons in order to stabilize mood, decrease anxiety and promote sleepiness. The plant extracts (valerian root and chamomile) contain many active compounds which enhance the effects of the other ingredients. Valerian root promotes GABA increase in the brain and chamomile has mild sedative effects. Both extracts have also been shown to reduce anxiety. Melatonin is a natural human hormone involved in balancing the sleep and wake cycles in the brain by acting on neurons and blood vessels. It is naturally released in the brain when the environment promotes sleep, such as when it is dark, and thus prepares the body to fall asleep.


The supplement is taken in a capsule form. Two capsules should be taken before bed. The user can also take two capsules in times of severe stress, or as directed by a health professional.


A bottle containing 60 capsules, a month’s supply can be purchased online for $21.50, excluding tax and shipping, which is only within the United States of America. There is a discount offered on presentation of a promotion code during checkout, but there is no mention of how a promotion code can be obtained. There are no discounts for purchasing several packages at once or in bulk.


ElixirPure offers a money back guarantee if the product is returned within sixty days. The returns policy does not state what condition the product must be returned in.

Sleep Elixir Review – Conclusion

Sleep Elixir contains a variety of ingredients, proven to increase the restfulness that the user experiences. It is an all natural product, which is allergen free. However, the label cautions users not to operate heavy machinery or drive while using the product, despite the fact that it is advertised as non-drowsy. The price is reasonable, but no discount is offered for buying multiple bottles at once, which makes long-term use more expensive and no information is given as to how to obtain a promotion code.

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