Nature Made Sleep for Jet Lag

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Melatonin and theanine can work as a fairly effective combination to combat the symptoms of jet lag. However this manufacturer does offer quite a low dosage which may not be effective.

Nature Made Sleep Review

Nature Made Sleep is a natural product designed specifically to restore the biological rhythm that governs when we feel sleepy and when we are meant to be awake. It can be used to combat the features of jet lag where a person’s biological rhythm loses sync with their external environment. One of the symptoms of jet lag is insomnia, due to the mismatch of the biological and external rhythms so this supplement is said to help relieve that insomnia.


One of the functions of L-theanine in the body is as a chemical messenger especially in the brain. It causes the brain cells to change their electrical activity. It slows the electrical activity down so that the brain cells are relaxed which has consequential effects on other organs. The general overall effect of L-theanine is that it relaxes the body.

Melatonin is the natural hormone that governs the sleep. Normally it is released when there is very little light sensation coming to the brain. It acts on a number of chemical pathways that cause a state of drowsiness. Taking it from outside sources can help to restart the cycle at the point where the body believes it should be falling asleep.


The manufacturer recommends taking one softgel capsule about one hour before going to bed. It is also recommended to take a full glass of water with it. The dosage should not be exceeded unless prescribed by a healthcare practitioner, according to the manufacturer. The dosage of melatonin in one capsule is 3 mg which is about half of what other sleep aiding supplements provide, so we are unsure about the research that the manufacturer did to determine that this is the highest safe dosage of melatonin.


The price of 90 capsules is $7.89 when bought online through major third party retailers. This price is quite low and we believe this is because the product doesn’t contain many ingredients and actually contains a low dosage of melatonin. The third party retailers don’t seem to offer any discount for buying bulk supplies of the product.


Despite using third-party retailers to sell the product, the product is covered by a money back guarantee. The manufacturer unfortunately does not specify how long the guarantee is valid for no what condition the product needs to be returned in. They do state though that it is a complete refund.

Nature Made Sleep Review – Conclusion

Melatonin and theanine can work as a fairly effective combination to combat the symptoms of jet lag. However this manufacturer does offer quite a low dosage which may not be effective. There are other jet lag supplements that contain a number of ingredients to target the other symptoms of jet lag which this one cannot deal with.

The supplement is quite cheap and it does come with a guarantee. The problem with the guarantee is that it’s not completely clear so customers are not fully sure that they are protected. Customers would be better off looking at some other products that include more ingredients and have a clear guarantee.

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