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Cosamin DS seems to be a promising joint care supplement that is based on a well-known formula.

Cosamin DS Nutramax Review

In our Cosamin DS review, we sift through the major claims and examine the ingredients and mode of action to determine whether this supplement is worth recommending.

Cosamin DS is a supplement formulated for the relief of chronic joint pain. Cosamin DS claims to be rooted in more proven research than any other joint pain relief supplement out there. In addition, the supplement makes use of two of the most proven ingredients in joint care to reverse the effects of cartilage breakdown. In the end, users can expect reduced joint discomfort and pain from consistent use of this Cosamin DS supplement.


Cosamin DS contains the following ingredients:

Based on manufacturer claims, the combination of Glucosamine HCl and Chondroitin Sulphate works by blocking enzymes associated with cartilage breakdown. As a result, users will experience decreased joint discomfort and pain.

Furthermore, the manufacturer claims that the unique formula of Glucosamine HCl and Chondroitin was devised by a doctor two decades ago. This formula is purportedly the standard for joint care supplements although Cosamin maintains that their quality is yet to be matched.

Overall, these ingredients work to restore cartilage and ensure that your joints are well cushioned against impacts that cause pain and discomfort. The Glucosamine is derived from crab and shrimp.


The recommended dosage for Cosamin DS is 3 capsules daily until you attain the desired effect. You may take the day’s dose all at once or you can split it up and take with meals.

Once you reach your comfort level, you can cut down on the dosage.


Cosamin DS can be purchased from a number of retail and online stores including Walmart, Walgreens, Navarro, Costco, Natural Vitamin, and Meijer, among others.

A bottle containing 108 capsules costs $46.95 from Nutramaxstore, which is where the manufacturer’s website automatically directs you to. This price excludes shipping.

You can claim coupons and rebates for discounted prices through the manufacturer’s coupon offerings.


We did not manage to locate a manufacturer’s guarantee when we searched the official website. This is rather disappointing since Cosamin DS seems like one of the better products for joint care.

When we checked on two of the seller websites, we did not find any guarantees either which means that the manufacturer is not confident enough about their product to stand by it.

Cosamin DS Review – Conclusion

Cosamin DS seems to be a promising joint care supplement that is based on a well-known formula. We like the fact that the manufacturer specializes in joint care and the product definitely benefits from that specialization. We also liked the fact that there was relatively sufficient information provided on the official website, particularly about the science behind how the supplement works.

That said, we were disappointed in the fact that there is no purchase guarantee offered with this product. For this reason, we have reservations about purchasing this product and would advise that potential buyers look around for alternatives that offer a guarantee before settling for this one.

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