EHP Products Myristin Review

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As a joint care supplement, Myristin contains solid ingredients that are proven to restore optimal health for painful joints.

EHP Products Myristin Review

In this review, we take an objective look at Myristin from EHP Products Inc to determine whether it lives up to the billing. Myristin is a supplement formulated for the relief of joint pain and discomfort. Myristin is touted as the most effective supplements for joint care. It works to relieve any joint pain associated with aging as well as rheumatism.

According to manufacturer claims, Myristin provides pain relief in as little as 10 days. You will notice a marked reduction in swelling around the joints and the joint will be easier to move. The supplement promotes synovial fluid in the joint to provide adequate cushioning against the rubbing of bones. The same supplement can also work for animals, especially dogs, albeit with a slightly modified ingredient list.


Myristin contains the following ingredients:

  • Cetyl Myristoleate – 260mg
  • Cetyl Oleate – 180mg
  • Cetyl Myristate – 133mg
  • Cetyl Linoleate – 12mg
  • Cetyl Palmitate – 7mg
  • Cetyl Stearate – 6mg
  • Vitamin E – 2IU

The 260mg of Cetyl Myristoleate is equivalent to a 40% concentration of the fatty acid, which is one of the highest concentrations of this particular fatty acid in a product where it is used as an ingredient, according to manufacturer claims. According to manufacturer claims, the 260mg of Cetyl Myristoleate is enough to provide the desired effect per day without taking many pills.


Myristin is available as a softgel capsule. The recommended daily dosage is three softgel capsules per day, taken about 40 minutes before meals.

It is recommended that you take the supplement for at least two months. After that initial period, you can continue use of the supplement at a reduced dose or the same dose but at a reduced frequency.

Myristin is also available in a powder capsule form for people who are sensitive to fish oil. The powder capsules contain only 110mg Cetyl Myristoleate in a corn starch base.


To buy Myristin online from the manufacturer’s website, you have to fill in a contact form and then select the product you want and the quantity. The prices listed on the website are a bit confusing. One bottle containing 51 capsules usually retails at $49.95. It seems that if you buy this product online, then there is a special to only pay $44.95. The online bulk purchases also come with discounts for two, three, and four bottles costing $85.50, $123.50, and $154.95 respectively.


EHP Products manufactures a number of dietary supplements, both for humans and pets. However, we were surprised to learn that they do not offer a guarantee with this particular supplement.

EHP Products Myristin Review – Conclusion

As a joint care supplement, Myristin contains solid ingredients that are proven to restore optimal health for painful joints. We liked the fact that the manufacturer went to lengths to provide as much information as possible regarding dosage, ingredients, and other pertinent details about the supplement.

However, we have reservations about recommending this supplement because there is no guarantee offered upon purchase. We believe that this kind of risk takes away all the positives that the product may offer or claim to offer. As such, we advise potential buyers to shop around for a similar supplement that comes with a solid backing from the manufacturer in terms of a guarantee.

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