Relief Factor Review

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Relief factor seems that it could be an effective product as it is based on clinical research and many years of medical experience.

Relief Factor Review

Do you constantly suffer from back pain and other forms of inflammation? How many drugs have you used to try and remedy your situation? The answer is quite common; many. Relief Factor is a formula that was designed to help you relieve all forms of inflammation. The Relief Factor formula claims to be based on clinical research and was developed by doctors looking for a way to relieve joint pain more effectively than other over-the-counter medications. It also claims to be a safer alternative to other over-the-counter medications. Read our Relief Factor review to find out more about this product.


Relief Factor is well positioned to help you get relief from constant inflammation due to the basic ingredients it contains. The Relief Factor anti-inflammation formula contains the following four ingredients:

These ingredients are split between a capsule and an Omega-3 softgel. These four ingredients present in the Relief Factor formula are ideal for the systematic treatment of inflammation. The Omega 3’s provide a minimal fishy aftertaste. All the ingredients regulate enzymes in the body as well as proteins associated with inflammation.

Icariin is used for the enhancement of anti-inflammatory factors in the body. It is responsible for the maintenance of nitric oxide so as to enhance the flow of blood and the healing process.

Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant which also provides anti-inflammatory properties. This ingredient is also crucial for the health of the body’s blood vessels. Resveratrol is also known to enhance the activity of the longevity enzyme SIRT-1 in addition to promoting a healthy proliferation of the cells in the body.

The Curcumin ingredient is intended to provide the curcumin phytosome. The curcumin phytosome enhances bioavailability and absorption.

Considering the many anti-inflammatory ingredients such as, organic Argan oil, the Sangre de Drago resin, chamomile oil, Rhatany root CO2 extract, White Willow Bark Extract, Chia seeds among others, we can say Relief Factor contains only a fraction of the majority. Perhaps an inclusion of more ingredients could yield better results much quicker.


A serving of Relief Factor contains a packet of 2 capsules and 2 soft gels. The manufacturer states the number of packets you should take a day depends on the severity of your condition. They recommend to start with 3 packets a day. For severe pain, take 4 packets a day. After you have experienced some pain relief, you can drop to 2-3 packets a day for maintenance.


You can purchase a three-week starting package of this product for $19.95. However, after this, you will automatically be sent a 60-packet supply for $69.95, plus shipping fees. This starts off as an affordable product, and then becomes very expensive. If you didn’t read the small print on the manufacturer’s website, you would probably not even be aware of this.


Relief Factor comes with a return policy but only for products that are not opened. The cost of handling and shipping will also not be refunded. You cannot return back a Relief Factor packet that has either been opened or used. There is no stated time frame to return a product. The details of how to go about returning the product are detailed on the manufacturer’s website.

Relief Factor Review – Conclusion

Relief factor seems that it could be an effective product as it is based on clinical research and many years of medical experience. It also contains ingredients that are known to be effective for inflammation. However, the number of tablets you are required to take a day to achieve results can be quite difficult and a hassle. The price of the product is also very expensive compared to other alternatives on the market. We believe there are more affordable products that are just as effective and don’t require you to take between 8 and 16 tablets a day.

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