Cheeky Physique Sublime Lips for Lip Plumper

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We really appreciate this manufacturer’s guarantee which is valid for long enough that customers can try the product sufficiently and return it even if it is completely used.

Cheeky Physique Sublime Lips Review

This review evaluate the effectiveness of a product called Cheeky Physique Sublime Lips. Cheeky Physique Sublime Lips is designed to create a lasting impression by enhancing the natural pout of the lips. The product nourishes the lips so that they appear lush and healthy. The lips are softened and increased in volume so that they are much more defined. This review is tasked to find out if all of these claims are true with regard to the product and if it is one of the better choices for lip plumping.


  • Jojoba Oil
  • Manuka Honey
  • Soybean Seed Extract
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Tripeptide-1
  • Lactobacillus/Capsicum
  • Frutescens Fruit Ferment Extract
  • Menthol

Ingredients like menthol are included to improve blood flow to the lips so that fluid is deposited inside them and they have an increased volume. The hyaluronate holds onto the moisture from the increased blood flow to enhance the length of time that the lips are plumped. The jojoba oil makes sure that the moisture is not lost to the environment and it gives the lips a shiny look. The remainder of the ingredients serve to nourish the lips in some form so that their health is optimized and they do not return to their thin and dehydrated look.


The manufacturer doesn’t provide any information of how to use the product in its description apart from the fact that it can be used with lipstick to enhance the look. From what we have determined, it can simply be applied to the lip contour when needed.


When purchasing the product online it will cost you $25. The manufacturer does have a loyalty program that you can sign up for to receive various discounts, but they do not offer discounts for buying in bulk as some other manufacturers do in order to save customers time and money when they want to buy long-term supplies. The price is also exclusive of the shipping costs, which might be reduced or completely discounted when signing for the manufacturer’s loyalty program.


Cheeky Physique Sublime Lips is covered by a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason then you can return the product even if it has been completely used within 60 days. You will then receive a complete refund.

Cheeky Physique Sublime Lips Review – Conclusion

We really appreciate this manufacturer’s guarantee which is valid for long enough that customers can try the product sufficiently and return it even if it is completely used. The price of this product is also quite fair. It is slightly disappointing that the manufacturer does not offer discounts for bulk purchases because it does not encourage customers to purchase long-term supplies of the product.

We also had a look at the customer feedback reviews for this product and were surprised to find out that there were only four. This led us  to believe that the product is not massively popular at the moment or that the manufacturer is not publishing all of the customer reviews, which is highly problematic.

We don’t believe this product is a bad one but there are a few drawbacks  to it which highlights a few other manufacturers as better established than this one.

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