Smashbox O-Plump for Lip Plumper

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After our review, we found a few things that we liked about Smashbox O-Plump. We appreciate the fact that the product comes with clear usage instructions

Smashbox O-Plump Review

The product, O-Plump that we will be reviewing today is manufactured by a company called Smashbox. It has been developed the aim of having a perfectly pink and plump pout. When applying the product to the lips, it will appear clear at first and then turn to a pink color that matches your own natural pink tone. Keep on reading to see what ingredients are in Smashbox O-Plump and if it is worth a try.


Smashbox O-Plump contains a very long list of ingredients that include oils like peppermint, ginger, wintergreen, avocado, and safflower, just to name a few. The manufacturer claims that the exclusive Goji Berry-C Complex, Gingermint, ginkgo biloba, pomegranate seed antioxidants, revitalizing marine botanicals, and nourishing avocado oil will provide shine and color to the lips. Unfortunately, when comparing this product to other brands, our research shows that it should contain at least 5 patented ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective. Lack of these key aspects may result in a less effective product. Also, the manufacturer does not list the main active ingredients in the product.


The manufacturer recommends that users apply a generous amount of the product to bare lips. You can watch the reaction it makes as the lips start to turn a rosy color that will last all day long.


Customers will be happy to know that the product is sold online from the manufacturer’s website. One tube will cost a total of $27.00. We were however unable to find a discount for the product and there are no affordable packages deals on offer.


We were very happy to see that the manufacturer accepts the unused portion as a return for a refund. This means that you may try the product and return it for a full refund if it does not work for you. The only flaw in this money-back guarantee is that there is no return period provided. As a result, you will not know how long before you must return the product to ensure a refund. This is a weak guarantee and may cause you to lose money.

Smashbox O-Plump Review – Conclusion

After our review, we found a few things that we liked about Smashbox O-Plump. We appreciate the fact that the product comes with clear usage instructions and that the customer will know exactly how to apply the product.

Unfortunately, there were many more aspects about the product that we did not like. The manufacturer does not seem to list key ingredients. In addition to this, the product does not seem to contain any patented ingredients that are clinically proven to be effective. Also, the product does not seem to provide ingredients that make the lips plump. This may set the product back. Furthermore, there are no bundled deals to take advantage of as well as the absence of a discount. Lastly, we were very disappointed with the fact that the money-back guarantee does not provide all necessary information and may leave you at risk. In conclusion, we do not recommend the use of Smashbox O-Plump as there are too many drawbacks.

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