Women’s Transition Menopause by Pioneer

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If you are interested in buying this product, you may find it difficult to locate a retailer that carries it.

Pioneer Women’s Transition Menopause Review

Women’s Transition Menopause by Pioneer is a soy based supplement that aims to treat the symptoms of menopause. Many women may opt to try soy based supplements because they are high in isoflavones. Isoflavones convert within the body to phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens are very similar to the natural human hormone, estrogen, and may help balance irregularities in the hormonal balance.


Women’s Transition Menopause is made up of only three active ingredients.

  • Black Cohosh – has been used for centuries to treat the symptoms and discomforts of menopause. It comes from the North American black cohosh plant and is used to treat headaches, hot flashes, changes in the mood, sleep disturbances and restlessness, heart palpitations, excessive sweating and vaginal dryness.  Some studies have shown that black cohosh is effective in treating these symptoms. You cannot get black cohosh from food sources and only 20-40 mg is required daily.
  • Vitex – is most commonly known as chaste berry. It comes from the fruit of the chaste tree and is referred to as “the women’s herb” because it is used primarily to treat many menstrual and menopause related complaints. It affects the hormones that regulate the women’s reproductive cycles.
  • Doug Quai – is primarily used to treat symptoms and discomforts related to the menstrual cycle and menopause. It may help with joint pain, anemia and constipation. However studies have not shown dong quai to be effective for any of these uses. Studies have shown that is possibly more effective in preventing premature ejaculation in men.


It is recommended that two tablets be taken once or twice daily. They can be taken with water and between meals.

Side Effects

Taking more and 900 mg of black cohosh is considered an overdose. Upset stomach and headache are the most commonly reported side effect.

Pregnant or breast-feeding women should not take this supplement. It is advisable to check with your doctor to make sure none of the herbal ingredients interact with any of your current medications.


Prices vary for Pioneer Women’s Transition Menopause. We have found it priced as low at $5.69 while other sites price it over $22. However, all of the sites we have visited for this product have shown it as being out of stock. The only site we could find it in stock was Ebay.


We are unable to locate a guarantee for this product from the manufacturer. Other third party retailers have the product listed but show it as being out of stock. The only source, Ebay, which lists the product in stock, protects purchases made via its site with their own purchase protection plan.

Women’s Transition Menopause by Pioneer Conclusion

If you are interested in buying this product, you may find it difficult to locate a retailer that carries it. If you are comfortable shopping with Ebay, this may be the only way to obtain the product.

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