Remifemin Menopause Relief Review

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Remifemin joins the ranks of the increasing number of supplements seeking to help women overcome the symptoms of menopause as they age.

Remifemin Menopause Relief Review

This is a review of a menopause product called Remifemin. This remedy is one of the many that aims to help women undergo the inevitable in the most comfortable way possible. The manufacturer claims that the product is clinically proven to reduce the effects of hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, and mood swings. Additionally, the manufacturer claims that it is free from gluten, and it is manufactured in a facility that has the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification. It is also credited with being free from estrogen, and it is a good alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

The aim of this review is to give you an objective view of all these claims that the manufacturer makes regarding this product. This information will allow you to make an advantageous purchasing decision that will give you value for your money.


This product only consists of one main ingredient which is 20mg of RemiSure Black Cohosh Extract (root/rhizome). Black Cohosh is derived from a plant and is believed to act in a way that is similar to estrogen, which is the female hormone. This makes this a popular ingredient in menopause supplements. However, this product does not explain why only Black Cohosh has been used in this supplement to relieve menopause symptoms.

Other Ingredients found in the product include:

This product doesn’t contain artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, preservatives, and soy. You should not take this supplement if you have any liver problems or if you start to develop symptoms that may indicate a liver problem.


For you to get the best results from Remifemin, the manufacturer recommends taking one tablet in the morning and one in the evening with water. You can expect results within a few weeks of usage. The manufacturer recommends consulting a physician before using the product if you have undergone any cancer therapy or are taking prescription medications.


Customers can buy the supplement online from various stores which are listed on the manufacturer’s website. For instance, customers can buy it from Walgreens at the cost of $17.99 for a pack of 60 capsules. But the price from all the online retailers of the supplement ranges between $12 and $19.


Remifemin has no manufacturer’s money-back guarantee accompanying its purchase. The absence of a compensation policy leaves the customer with the possibility of losing their money if the supplement fails to meet their expectations and needs. However, the majority of the reviews we have found are positive.

Remifemin Menopause Relief Review – Conclusion 

Remifemin joins the ranks of the increasing number of supplements seeking to help women overcome the symptoms of menopause as they age. Remifemin comes at a very affordable price that makes it accessible across a wider scope of users. Additionally, the product has the GMP Certification that gives consumers an assurance of its overall quality and safety. However, the lack of a manufacturer’s money-back guarantee that can cushion a buyer if they are not happy with the results is one major downside of this product. Most other menopause products contain a few ingredients to target the range of symptoms that come with menopause, this product only contains one. It is not clear exactly how this ingredient will solely help with the many menopause symptoms. This ingredient also has a higher risk of affecting the liver if taken in excess.

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