Symphony Femmenessence Macapause Review

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There is scientific research to support the inclusion of maca root as the active ingredient for this supplement, but there are just better results when using other ingredients.

Symphony Femmenessence Macapause Review

We’ve taken a look at Symphony Femmenessence Macapause and reviewed it based on the ingredients that it contains and the other customer services that the manufacturer offers with their product. Symphony Femmenessence Macapause is a dietary supplement that is designed to rebalance the hormones in the body in order to reduce the severity of menopause symptoms. The symptoms of menopause include: night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings and a slowing of the metabolism, causing weight gain. This is supplement is designed to tackle all of these symptoms.


This supplement contains a concentrate of organic maca root. The science behind maca root extract is that it contains nutrients called glucosinolates which stimulate the production of hormones like estrogen. The production of estrogen helps to combat the effects of menopause and thereby reduce the symptoms.

While there is decent scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of maca root, in our opinion it should not be the only ingredient in a menopause supplement. This is because the effects it exhibits are mild and nonspecific and tend to stop working the older the woman gets (because the cells that produce the estrogen are slowly disappearing as time progresses, so doesn’t matter how much you try to stimulate estrogen production, if there are no cells to do it it’s not going to happen). Rather, specific ingredients which have a specific effect should be included like black cohosh for hot flashes or valerian root to improve sleep or passion flower to reduce anxiety.


The manufacturer recommends taking Macapause twice a day, with two capsules in the morning and two in the afternoon. It is not recommended to take the supplement with hormone-suppressing medications, or other medications unless specified by a healthcare professional.


A single pack of Symphony Femmenessence Macapause can be purchased online for $34.99. This manufacturer offers a bulk purchase option where a customer can receive four packs for $104.97 plus free shipping but this is only valid for customers who are purchasing the supplement for the first time.

Each pack contains 120 capsules.


A customer can return the product within 60 days of purchase for a refund if they did not receive the results they were expecting. The manufacturer requires customers to engage with their medical team first to make sure that the results can’t be obtained from modifying the dosage a little bit. If the solution can’t be achieved then the customer gets their money back.

Symphony Femmenessence Macapause Review – Conclusion

There is scientific research to support the inclusion of maca root as the active ingredient for this supplement, but there are just better results when using other ingredients. The dosage instructions are quite comprehensive for this product, so it is easy to take.

The price of the supplement is quite affordable and the manufacturer does offer discounts for buying multiple packages, but these discounts are smaller than some of the bulk package options that other manufacturers have. The guarantee is clear, but the process can be a bit tedious for customers who don’t have time to waste going back and forth with the manufacturers.

All in all, it’s a good supplement but we believe there are better ones.

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