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There is no physical evidence available to say that the essential oil treatment will cure or prevent any fungal infections.

Аnti Fungus Rivana Review

Rivana® Anti Nail Fungus claims as many available manufacturers that produce Anti-Fungal treatments that their product is made of 100% natural ingredients to prevent and treat fungal infections.

You can use the treatment on nails, toes, feet, hands, and fingers plus it provides you with a soothing effect on irritated areas. The treatment helps to restore your nails to a healthy condition.

The product is developed and mainly found in Europe. While searching online, we found that the product is not that popular and no testimonials are available when it comes to users who have bought the product. This is a concern and we decided to take a closer look at this treatment.


When looking at Rivana® Anti Nail Fungus you see that it is available in a 10 ml glass bottle, packed into a box with the usual trademark and an image presenting the use of essential oils.

  • Tea Tree oil that is used to fight fungus infections
  • Lemon oil
  • Lavender oil that is known for being used to decrease inflammation and prevent itching.

Rivana® Anti Nail Fungus contains no Undecylenic Acid that is usually mixed with herbal ingredients, and is known to be a fungus killer; however, when it’s used in the right formulation set out by the FDA the treatment will combat fungus and prevent it from returning.


The manufacturer advises that you should add 6 to 8 drops of the antifungal oil into a basin of water and put the infected areas of your feet or hands in it for at least 15 minutes.

It is advised that the treatment can be used to prevent fungal infections, and recommends that you add the same amount of drops to your bath water once a week to ensure that you keep your body hygienically clean to prevent it from getting any type of infections.

The direct application method can also be used by applying 1.2 drops from the oil directly onto the affected area in the morning and at night.

*Warning is given that the oils are highly concentrated and the bottle should be kept tightly sealed.


You can buy Rivana® Anti Nail Fungus directly from the retail site or from the Amazon UK retail site. The treatment is sold for $2.88.


No guarantees are available accept the guarantee provided by Amazon, if you do buy the product directly from the Rivana® retail site there is a form available to return the product, but the source does not advise you with any money back guarantee.

Аnti Fungus Rivana Conclusion

There is no physical evidence available to say that the essential oil treatment will cure or prevent any fungal infections. With the lack of reviews and feedback from customers who have bought the product this does not look positive for future clients who would like to buy the treatment. It doesn’t even come with any kind of guarantee.

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