Clear Guard Fungi-Nail Review

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This product seems that it could potentially be a good product for nail fungus. It uses the highest amount Undecylenic Acid that you can find without a prescription.

Clear Guard Fungi-Nail Review

This is a review of the original Fungi-Nail Toe and Foot Anti-Fungal Solution. The Fungi-Nail liquid solution is used to treat fungus that infects the fingers and toes. It is also used to treat athlete’s foot which is an infection that comes along with toe fungus. It treats the fungal infections that occur on the skin cuticles, around the edges of the nails and beneath the tips of the nails. Fungi-Nail Toe and Foot Anti-Fungal Solution claims to eliminate the fungus in a few weeks with no harmful side effects.


Fungi-Nail contains 25% Undecylenic Acid. Unfortunately, this is the only ingredient that is revealed by the manufacturers. It would be more fulfilling if the manufacturer noted down all the ingredients and their side effects so that the customers can be more confident with the product.


Fungi-Nail comes in two forms; as a liquid solution or as a pen brush applicator. For the liquid solution, first thoroughly clean the affected area with soap and water and dry completely. The second step is to cut the finger or toe nails and then file them well at the tips. The third step is to apply the solution with the brush applicator around the cuticles and under the nails. This should be done two times every day.

The Pen Brush Applicator should follow the same steps. To use the applicator, remove the cap of the pen, point the brush facing down and twist the base for the liquid to wet the brush. Do not over twist the base. Apply the brush to the skin for the liquid to come out.


This product is not available directly from the manufacturer’s website. However, they have directed you to locations where you can buy the product, including various online stores. We found Fungi-Nail Toe and Foot Anti-Fungal liquid solution for $7.58 when purchased from Amazon. There is also the option to buy a pack of two for $26.99, but this is more expensive than the original price. We found the Pen Brush Applicator on Amazon for $8.24.


The manufacturer states that Fungi-Clear comes with a money-back guarantee if you are at all unhappy with the product. To obtain a refund, you just have to mail the manufacturer a copy of your receipt and also the label from the bottle. However, the manufacturer does not specify any timeframe for when you can take advantage of this refund.

Fungi-Nail Review – Conclusion

This product seems that it could potentially be a good product for nail fungus. It uses the highest amount Undecylenic Acid that you can find without a prescription. Also, the ClearGuard Moisture Block Technology that this product uses is a special system used to deliver the antifungal solution. It forms a barrier that is water resistant to protect the solution from moisture so that it cannot sweat off. However, as this product does not contain natural ingredients, it may a higher risk of side effects and skin irritation.

Fungi-Nail comes with a money-back guarantee, but the details around this are not very clear. Customer reviews on Amazon contrast a lot, with a high number of them being negative. We think it is important to weigh other options available for purchasing anti-fungal solutions.

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